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My YouTube Speed Drawing Video

By markcrilley
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Today I uploaded a new video to YouTube that I call "The 10 Minute/1 Minute/10Second Challenge." In it I draw the same character three times, using a stopwatch to keep myself within the three different time limits.

You can view the video by clicking this link:

Thanks so much for your support! ^ _ ^

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Sep 30, 2016, 2:29:41 PM
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JacobMainland's avatar
Excelet drawing :aww:
Stanwuuz's avatar
Huh, i discovered your youtube channel at random today, watched the video where you drew this and then, when i went to scroll da for a while i find this! What a wierd coinsidence! Gonna give this challenge a try it seems fun to do!
AnonymousnessAnomaly's avatar
Great challenge, I might give it a go!! :D
Elramadraws's avatar
i watched that :D its was pretty funny after the 10 ,min one 
daily-happiness's avatar
That was fun to watch XD
Deltapatch88's avatar
Cool, it simply proves the old guy from Toy Story 2, "Y'cant rush art!"
RENNSNE's avatar
a true master
Nameless-001's avatar
Mark is back on DA yaay :)
JamesArtVille's avatar
I always felt that even seasoned artists can't pump out masterpieces in a snap like magic. Great art does take time :)
Pardinho's avatar
It looks fun to do, I might try it out. I also like to use numbers as a base to my warm up drawings.
Rebelno6's avatar
Jeez, it takes me a lot longer to draw just about anything, but it only takes you 10 seconds to draw the sketch on the far right?
Coinfrenzy's avatar
I love the ten second one it has a charm that only ten seconds can give it
Cynthetic-art's avatar
Oh goodness! Its so good to see Gax again!! I just had such a nostalgia trip :) Thank you so much for that and all your Akiko stories Mark!
mr-machina's avatar
What IS Gax? I never read the Akiko books... I've only read Miki Falls and Brody's Ghost. Now I have to buy Akiko.
Cynthetic-art's avatar
Gax is a little robot and companion to Space adventurer/smuggler/pirate Spuckler. Ah man, the memories.
The series may be hard to find I believe he said they are out of print. it was from the 90's. But they're great!
mr-machina's avatar
Thanks! I guess I'll have to start searching...
eveblum's avatar
Watching that video was great entertainment! I felt the tention and in the same time was laughing like while watching some comedy show :D Anyway, really good idea, it allows the artist to know their abilities in extremal conditions! :)
ElSqiubbonator's avatar
I remember reading those books as a kid. Good times, good times. . .
Thradix's avatar
and that's why you're one of my biggest inspirations to keep drawing!

stay awesome Mark!
Arkatox's avatar
I have a couple friends who've been fans of yours for a good while, who have your drawing books, watch your videos, etc. They got me to read Brody's Ghost a while ago and I really liked it, which is why I have you watched on DA, but I never actually watched any of your videos before now (as I sufficiently lack in artistic talent).

Now I have. And it was fantastic. Awesome job, and quite entertaining.
markcrilley's avatar
Thanks! You might like my official how-to-draw video playlist-- great place to start:…
Slithirius's avatar
Great job, love how the 10min version outmatches most of my 1-2h pencil drawings ,_,
That1KidWhoDraws's avatar
That looks SO awesome- gonna watch it right now!
BTW, can you do another marker tutorial? I wanna see how to make my art look more fancy- like a professional! (notice i didn't say "Real manga-artist, because I already consider myself to be one!!w00t! )
kyrtuck's avatar
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