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Chibi Robot Papercraft Blue Print 1

Page 1 of the blue prints you can use for building a chibi robot from paper. Here is the time-lapsed version showing the whole process:


Here is PART 1 of two narrated videos that will show how it was made, step by step:

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im making two my own version with different measurements and the one you have posted
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hi you are amazing:D (Big Grin) 
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I also admire your work, and to me you are a great role model.
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Mark your prof pic is adorable! ^u^ But I don't see any blushies Confused 
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Love your work, Mark.  I hope you will check out my page here.
I am trying to do this but the only hard part is taping them together it always falls apart :( any thought?
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You could try to glue them together? Idk, just an idea and that's what I'm gonna do. Maybe.
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Hi mark!!!!!!pls reply mark it would be an honer
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I want to try this! so cute!
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made one yesterday and another one in pink today! This was BEYOND fun! And totally worth the effort! Thanks for another amazing tutorial! :D Lily Thank you 
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AS;LDKFJ;ALDSKJF;LKJASDKJF;ASDJF PSHHH and I call myself you're biggest fan...TT^TTHTTYD.28 
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if you guys want to use the template you just download it and print it.
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xXUsernameXx1337's avatar
nope, I am measuring on graph paper, then cutting, and using the other side... (why do I have to take the long way to do some thing...)
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Ooh, interesting! I think I may try making one someday ^^
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It's really hard to make without the measurements for each box ;~;
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Try downloading the files and printing them out on paper so as to measure the patterns or even trace around them.
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Hi mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You can figure it out using the squares. 1 square = 0.25 inches.
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oh I get what you're saying. Thank you : )
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