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Brody's Ghost Sample Art

Sorry it's been so long since I added anything to my gallery! The good news is I'm gearing up for the launch of my new series from Dark Horse, "Brody's Ghost," and will be steadily adding sneak peeks of artwork from it in the months ahead.

This is a small section from one panel in a full-color piece I'm doing that will be revealed in full online, possibly very soon. Stay tuned! ^_^

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ghost!! this is so cool the detail looks really really good, though I know you are a very busy person I was at all wondering (when or if you ever get the free time) if you would be interested in reading my story "Hands in the Dark" here is the link if you do decide to take a gander at it :hug:

[link] hope you enjoy it :heart:
blackkitt11798's avatar
omg wow your amazing id do anything to contact u im gonna put u on my watch!!!!
InuLoverNr1Hitomi's avatar
Wow! I don't think I'd want to ride a train like that. I'm afraid of hights. :O
AiNoHoritsu's avatar
WHOA!!! That is scary good!
SonicWolvelina99's avatar
I didn't know you were a deviant!! *Watch*
seaflame22's avatar
Oh my goodness! I'm a huge fan! I didn't know you were on Deviant Art!!! :D *goes off to watch*
Atiragrame3's avatar
lol my nickname is Maggie! XD
carlord2's avatar
as long as the commis isnt too cartoon like.
greentomatoes's avatar
looks intesting ^^
Phantom-Alikar's avatar
ohh... nice... I'm sort of feeling 50/50 on faving this... lol... keep up the good work Mark! Can't wait to see the 1st book!
Whothehellisthat's avatar
[wipes drool from mouth]
I'm so looking forward to more! ;)
Jomann18's avatar
sky trains, awesome.
Tenjilover's avatar
I'll be waiting for it then!~ : D
angelistoftenshi's avatar
Wow... now that's what I call a cityscape.
SummerKittyGirl's avatar
Dodo13's avatar
oh i hope it will be steampunk like!
flexi-joe's avatar
cant wait for this
SakuraSadameWingz's avatar
Cool! The buildings and the tracks seem very interesting and unique. =]
I really like the setting, it's gonna be interesting
mangaka12's avatar
ya know you suck at manga and comics so why dont you just ya know give up! You copied a hell of a lot of shojo with Miki Falls and now with Brody's Ghost Ben 10 ! You are just a successful plaigerist with no creativity at all! Give up already! or become creative!
susie90210's avatar
Akai--ookami's avatar
great! I like a lot the inky look you're using this time :D
sercio1234's avatar
DoaWin's avatar
Hur hur The L Sky line.. YEY DEVI!!!
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