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Brody's Ghost Preview8

By markcrilley
Sorry it's been so long since I added anything here-- I've been madly busy these last couple of months meeting my Brody's Ghost deadlines for book two. As of today I am done!

I wanted to get in at least one nice hyper-detailed spread of the city for book two, and this is it. The work was spread out over many sessions, but I'd guess I put at least ten hours into it total, start to finish.

The book is due out January 25th, but is already available for pre-order at Amazon: [link]

Thanks in advance to anyone who orders it, or any of my books: I greatly appreciate your support!

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Simply awesome...

I'm at a loss for words really.
SidneySommers's avatar
I wonder that too, how long would a picture like this take?
RioluPKMD's avatar
How long does it take for you to draw all of this with all the detail?
xMizu-kun's avatar
Incredible! I'd lose patience after 3+ hours of work put into one drawing :)
McMccann9421's avatar
I sometimes don't have the attention spanned for this kind of detailed work.
kabrtmatozu's avatar
Such a fantastic work !! Thumbs Up 
JJQinc's avatar
Man i have read all of them up to your most recent book 4. I remember this scene but now seeing it so big is amazing. You are awesome Crilley. WOW! ^_^  
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amazing scape awe inspiring
xVeninNightx's avatar
How do you have the patience for this? How did you get such a complex idea? 
Love your work Mark! I've learned a lot of what I know from your videos and manga!
derskix's avatar
How long does it take to do something like that ?
emdrawsmanga's avatar
Azumianime's avatar
I can see the little shout out to your daughter.
bamboo-fan's avatar
I love this because it looks so aerodynamic. Could you teach us all how to draw these kinds of things?
I had reached my wits end I cant believe how much this exceeded expectations my success was effortless just wanted to share the wealth
XandImus's avatar
looks really really crowed!
the3rdnumber's avatar
the complexity in this one is incredible. i love those. used to draw like this when i was like 10, now im more into anime and minecraft :3. I guess i should turn back and start doing some of those too haha.
ChrysophylaxCreates's avatar
Yipe - lunch hour traffic...
ulkal's avatar
i think to make that it will be take 15 hours at least
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