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Anamorphic Coke Can Illustration

Watch the video to see how I created this seemingly 3-D illustration:


I probably put more time into this illustration than any other picture I've ever done. I knew I'd never pull off the illusion unless I got every single detail absolutely right. Not that I managed to do that! But I sure put in the hours trying. :)

Special thanks to anyone who follows the link and watches the video!

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You, good sir, I hate.  j/k!

You're awesome!  I wish I knew how you drew this well so I can steal your talent!
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Awesome! Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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That totally mess up my mind right now XD
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I was just like, "Woah! Its coke on paper." Then I clicked and silence. Then thid happened: "OMG THAT LOOKS SO 3D REAL.!"
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You are the most awesome artist ive ever seen
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pewdiepie gasp What sorcery is this???!!! 
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HOLY CRAP!! I am so not a realism guy tho
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Wait I'm confused. O.O
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! (^U^)
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that was great!!!!
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haha at first i was amazed, but then i immediately recognized your self portrait, when i saw it in the "more from" section and figured, well OFCOURSE it's Mark, who else would be drawing something like that? I love your tutorials on youtube, especially realism, hyper-realism and surfer dude voice you use when you talk in 3rd person.
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Sir, this is a really nice piece of art.. I would like to request to use this in my attempt to copy it. Im trying to learn 3D and it's freaking hard without references. :l
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Can you please check out my pictures! I really like your work and am a big fan! Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 
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