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Pokemon: Zygarde

Legendary Dragon/Ground type Pokemon of the Kalos Region. >_<

It's hypothesized that it's monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives.
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Rabbartxoxo's avatar
Look! Its my sweet little CinnamonBun! Hi CinnamonBun!
Mystilik-Mew's avatar
I love your artwork, its so official looking :D

Might I be allowed to use this piece in a upcoming video I'm working on? 
Dunkanat0r's avatar
Can you do Mega Garchomp?
senoalex's avatar
So this is the legendary of pokemon z?
SocQA's avatar
Nice work! Again, interesting perspective and Zygarde looks awesome :)
SteamHead1880's avatar
This looks awsome!!
tippycat332's avatar
i named my Zygarde Allen
Pikafan09's avatar
I caught Zygarde with one Ultran Ball with an capture O-power, after I lowered its hp, and thanks to Pikachu's Thunder wave since Zygarde used Camouflage. XD
MrAxewGuy's avatar
all of your pokemon drawings are amazing. Keep it up! :)
Pokemonfan2's avatar
here is funny....I caught my Zygarde with a great Ball.
jonnih's avatar
please i need, I want to create a pokémon fanfic I can not draw more on the pc as well like youWaaaah! 
jonnih's avatar
your images are incredible, you would make a pokemon that I invented for me?
Latiaslord's avatar
I found this Pokémon the other day, I sat there for a minute wondering what the hell it was, I've caught it now, and its actually pretty dang cool!
Tykouowl's avatar
This thing took me up to an hour and MULTIPLE failed attempts to capture. I swear, I will never strive harder to catch a single Pokemon, Legendary or otherwise. But, it proved worth it in the end. That feeling of accomplishment was like nothing else when that little shower of stars came from one of many Ultra Balls. Though I deleted my file shortly afterwards, it was a rewarding challenge to capture this ground snake...thingy.
Pikafan09's avatar
Funny thing... I lowered Zygarde's HP, and it camouflaged itself, then I used Pikachu's Thunder Wave to Paralyze it, then I threw one ultra ball, and BAM! It took three shakes and a click with one Ultra Ball, thanks to my Capture O-Power lv.2!
Tykouowl's avatar
I never understood nor used the O-Powers, but good for you. I'm glad someone had better success than I did :b
Pikafan09's avatar
LOLs Thanks by the way. *Blushes.* X)
Tykouowl's avatar
You're welcome! :D
Razor-T-Heart's avatar
got em and love em xwx ended up naming Zygarde Equvilare, which is 'balance' in Latin.. aside from the useless comment Great job on this XD
Anneuh's avatar
Thats some amazing perspective there, very nice!
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