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Pokemon: Shiny Ho-oh

By mark331
2nd generation legendary Fire/Flying type Pokemon.

Classification: Rainbow Pokemon

Pokedex Entry: A legend says that its body glows in seven colors. A rainbow is said to form behind it when it flies.
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hoohlover's avatar
Wow. Wow. I love it, Ho-oh Heart
KeyGlyph's avatar
Wow.  Just... wow.
Dunkelkatze's avatar
The perspective and the background reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus. Is this intended?
Shinobi19's avatar
i love how you just have your own style.. this is my psp wallpaper btw :D
HatPop's avatar
Luuuurrrrrrv shiny Ho-Oh :meow:
hayden0660's avatar
though hooh is cool did anyone notice it sounds like homo
Foundreve's avatar
NegligentSquid's avatar
~I love this.

The composition and perspective inspire me.

I have trouble with both (-n-)
xNightKissx's avatar
It's technically 1st generation, as it appeared in the first ever made episode of Pokemon even if it wasn't really known until 2nd generation. Sorry, just had to point that out, I'm such a Pokémon nerd xD Either way this is an astonishing picture. Some times I get overwhelmed by how good some artists actually are as it seems impossible to create something so close to perfection. You are one of those artists *-*
Zalcoti's avatar
It's second generation since it's in the second generation Pokedex, and wasn't even seen in the first generation games.
ctpro's avatar
oh, so cool ^^
Faylahh's avatar
Oh, yeah, I OWN you, shiny Ho-oh! And it only took an entire week where my friends got way ahead of me in the games >:3
Swampert-Titan's avatar
Why can't I find one of these?

Good work
PhantomLuna's avatar
Wow, awesome. The pose is just perfect!
Very nice. You work on angles is amazing (not only on this, but your other draws too)
jalapenoking's avatar
Dude, you are really good at doing things with dynamic perspective. Most of all though, you excel in portraying movement. Not to much boring stuff in here dude.
FluffySpiderz's avatar
simply beautiful :)
Don't tell Blue that there's a Ho-Oh or she'll freak out :3
MegaAntMan1's avatar
are you interested in an art competition i'm holding at the moment? if you message me i'll send you the details (this is initially aimed at mark becasue i can see alot of talent here but if anyone else wants the details, then same applies ^^
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