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Pokemon: Rampardos

By mark331
4th Generation Rock type Pokemon Rampardos. :D
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I'm an ancient Pokemon ambassador and i have a rampardos in my team of op ancient Pokemon and this really says rampardos as an ancient pokemon.

great job :):):):):):):):)
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Get some Head Smash.
whoeveriam0iam14222's avatar
favorite fossil Pokémon! Rampardos > Tyrantrum
AcUoSs4's avatar
I love you art 
Prof-Archaic's avatar
Ah a lovely sight. A brute wandering the barren wastes, unafraid of foe or weather as wind and sand washes against its armoured hide. Beautiful :D
Amelia411's avatar
The top 4 moves for Roark's Rampardos are
1 Stone Edge
2 Superpower
3 Earthquake
4 Avalanche
PoltergeistForever's avatar
I have this one on pk indgo lv 100 :-)
PoltergeistForever's avatar
My fav pokemon awsome
Pika-Akatsuki-chou22's avatar
Love oh and if you ever decide to draw this again, make sure to inclue a forest cence rampardos and craniadose are forest dwellers.
PKMNCardMaker264's avatar
I'm gonna use for a fake card of mine!!!!
ManiacalMew's avatar
I like to call mine Stampy... :)
Lovely sense of atmosphere in this picture, very well done
bagasuit091's avatar
Very nice angle and lighting. :clap:
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Really cool looking pokemon that is severely handicapped....
Curse you Gamefreak....
darkwolfstar123's avatar
uh...its has the 3rd highest attk stat in the game
Kinglorshi's avatar

You do realize how ineffective it is in competitive play, right? Go to any site or any player and you'll get your answer. But from me, that attack is useless when you're that slow and that frail.
darkwolfstar123's avatar
look im a competitive player. Ram forces swicthes most times and hits whoever swicths in. plus its almost never used outside of trickroom so when it is used.... uh killer. Yeah. its very viable in competitive play.
Kinglorshi's avatar
Yet it seldom takes things out in one hit if it's neutral, at least for me, even with life orb, and I do have bad luck with Stone Edge. XD

But personally it's not very effective. It just seems to me that whenever I use it, it misses frequently (which is not the pokemon's fault), or there are just so many counters, especially in UU. And in OU... yeah. :/

But I'm not going to argue too much. I haven't played Competitive in a while, and I'm certain I'm not bad but I'm certainly not adept.

Still, it's an underwhelming pokemon since it requires certain strategies in order to be effective. If it's not very viable without trick room, then it can be (key word there) rather useless.
darkwolfstar123's avatar
ok yeah out side of tm its not very good but it wall breaks good. Still , in tm , and i say this from pernall exprience , it CAN sweep almost half of teams depending when tm was used.
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I have a level 100 one in my Diamond game. :)
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