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Pokemon: Lunatone and Solrock

By mark331
3rd generation Rock/Psychic type Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock. :D
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They make good additions to a sandstorm team. And are fun to use.
Amazing... I've always loved those two, even though they're weak. 
GF, y u no give them megas? 
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Solrock looks like it's saying: :iconsolrockplz::iconsaysplz: I see what you did there...
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I remember wanting a solrock so badly when I had sapphire... good times. Pokemon needs to make a remake of 3rd gen already! o3o
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powers of day; powers of night:
Now we will fight; Spirits unite!
^_^ small little poem (incantation) I came up with off the top of my head that I think fits this duo. Cool artwork here of some pretty sweet Pokemon
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Very fitting poem/incantation! :clap:
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This is amazing!!! Great work!
Love the atmosphere and the lighting!
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Solrock looks like he likes to squint because he was made that way, i know.But nice picture! :>
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Thumbs UP! beautiful image!
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Beautiful! It's nice to see my two favorite rock Pokemon in such a pretty picture! I love my Solrock and Lunatone, Solei and Luna, respectively.
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This is amazing!
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wish i was this good(envious)
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haha, Solrock looks concentrated...
Very nice!
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Now this picture just rocks.
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this is AWESOME, real talk. not just becouse you have two of my favorite pokemon bein all bad ass dureing my favorite time of the year (autumn) BUT its amazeingly well done. pure awesomeness
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Simply Stunning, i fail to find words for this, great job (understatement), lolz
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Your art makes me want to cry. The scenes are so detailed; It's like a photograph. No day passes that I don't wish Pokémon were real, and with the magic of your hands, I can believe its true, even just for a little while.
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