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Pokemon: Garchomp

By mark331
4th Generation Dragon/Ground type Pokemon.

Description: Mach Pokemon

Pokedex Entry: When Garchomp folds its body into a streamline and extends its wings, it can fly at the speed of a jetfighter.

*my first time drawing Garchomp. :)
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OMG! There's my favorite Land Shark, Garchomp! I love how he's looking all dangerous-like. The shading, the colors on him, everything looks wonderful. Sorry if I'm fangirling but I am a huge Garchomp fangirl. I've used him in Pokemon Y, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and the later released Pokken Tournament for Wii U and its sequel for Switch, Pokken Tournament DX, which I have now and I'm STILL using this bad boy as my official main. I picked him over both Charizard and Suicune when I first had Pokken Tournament and I chose him instantly when I saw him return once again in Pokken Tournament DX. Since then, I've fought the Ferrum League with no issues for the very first time in the Switch version. However I did suffer losses badly back in the Wii U days. In the Switch version I currently have no losses and I remain the undefeated Champion or 'Grand Master' thanks to my powerful blue Shark!

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Fantastic! It really looks ferocious!
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Fantastic artwork. Bravo
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I think Dragon is my preferred type. I named my Garchomp Jaws and it is a powerhouse.
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Thanks Garchomp,you made my Pokemon Duel battle much smooth than I thought:)
awesome picture!!
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This is my fav Pokemon and you just make it ........Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would've just gone "meh" to this if I hadn't done a wonderlocke this week with a gible as my starter, as it is I love this to bits. Well done!
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Garchomp is my fav pokemon! Wonderful job on the lighting!
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YES! Garchomp has always been my favourite Pokemon! (If you didn't include legendaries, in which case it would be Rayquaza)
He has a serious look about him, and I love it.
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Looks like Garchomp's about to slash someone's face off......

In other words, this is the difintion of awesome!
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draw mega garchomp
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I thought it was a Gabite!!
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Amazing! You teach me to draw like that *O*
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All of these are EPIC.

Request: Breloom, Swellow, or Swampert. .3.
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Gosh, these are amazing! <3
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my favo pokemon:) thanks for drawing him/her it
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