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Pokemon: Feraligatr

By mark331
2nd Generation Water type Pokemon Feraligatr. :)

*here's my newer version of feraligatr >> [link]
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really nice !
JW-Gojifan's avatar
Ah the Crocodylians, my favorite family of organisms
Panda9582's avatar
Kim Jong-un approved. 
OfficChandelure's avatar
I never truly appreciated water types. But still, this is an impressive piece of art.
CammDaMan's avatar
Best starter, period.
SaltyPuppy's avatar

I was wondering if I could repost your amazing piece of artwork on my page on facebook. I was looking for amazing art of the Feraligatr line and this came up! I would love to be able to post it on my Facebook page! If not no worries. :)…

I will advertise your website / page here on DA! 
Super526's avatar
still not scarier than an actual shark.... o-o
SupersonicCyanYoshi's avatar
Feraligatr is spelled the way it is because of a character limit. Also the only time mine ever fainted was when the kimono girl's jolteon thunderbolted him. Feraligatr even helped me beat Red by one shotting his charizard with waterfall.
MarioXfiles's avatar
Reminds me of my Feraligatr Riptide, such memories
RivalCal3m's avatar
Feraligatr is my personal favorite starter. Sigh I wish I could change my username to feraligatrftw. Which is way better. Arceus is just stupid =/.
chillypeper's avatar
i luv feraligatr best starter evar!!
LooLooAteMySandwich's avatar
dean3195's avatar
CodenameAJ's avatar
Awesome!!!! :D I wish I could see one of Psyduck?
raydean7's avatar
wow realy nice could I request a omastar and omonyte picture
JosieNuetzel's avatar
<3 feraligater is my favorite and all is evolution's as well
ffimpyzs's avatar
Feraligatr= my favorite Pokemon. You made him look awesome!!!
KorraFan98's avatar
This is soooo cool!!
caitlinthehedgehog10's avatar
i have that pokemon on pokemon heart gold
heshi13's avatar
*-* My fav! <3
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