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Just a random poster I created for one of the many Billboards throughout COLLATERAL's city, just to add some more character to the factions the player can align themselves with.

Cthulhu Corp. is opposed by a genetics company called OCTOPI, which specialises in human augmentation which is CC's market, except where OCTOPI consults science Cthulhu Corp. go with classic mumbo jumbo.

With that in mind I decided to insert Cthulhu into a couple of old American Propaganda posters, like this one which was originally 'Rosie the Riveter' We Can Do It, there's also another that has the Uncle Sam 'Wants You' poster, except it's 'Cthulhu Wants You'.

Mainly a shop job, I do not take credit for the work I butchered to create this, but I will take credit for the alterations (It was hard to get the human skin to resemble the Cthulhu head).

So that's all from me for now, I'll be back with some more crap.
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Hey! So my roller derby team, Mid Atlantic Roller Derby, is in love with your artwork! Our mascot is Cthulhu, and we would love to use this on some T-shirts if that's ok with you. I saw your comment about it being a composite image, but I still wanted to ask.