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Dragon Ball Super animation process by Mark-Clark-II Dragon Ball Super animation process by Mark-Clark-II
Thought I'd make some art displaying how Dragon Ball Super (as well as other anime) are now being done digitally. This is why it looks weird (also they hire Hobbyist now to help complete eps). The animation team uses Retas (which is a digitally software used to digitize pencil lines). This is why you if you notice the lines don't have any weight to them (varying degrees of thickness) because digitized lines all have the same brush setting. For example if you have a brush diameter of 5 and you digitize the pencil lines, all of your lines will have the brush diameter of 5. As most artists know that's not how you show depth, weight, or even an interesting image. I have had discussions with other youtubers who aren't artists (nor are they versed in digital art) saying that the show still uses hand drawn images. This is true, however, once you digitize the lines (vectorize them) you negate all the texture from the pencil and any weight in the original sketches lines. Most will try and tell you different, but they don't know what they are talking about. Hope this helps clear up or provide answers to anyone in the community who couldn't put their finger on it :D
AC-MONEY Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is very informative, I think you for sharing this for all to see. I'm not surprised that they are hiring hobbyists since a lot of animation studios have been outsourcing the animation and even hiring ghost artists to do episodes.
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