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Fluid Painting 46

Abstract Fluid Painting 46 using a range of Acrylic colours, on canvas, 35.5x35.5cm. You can check out my website at to see more of my work. Thanks for viewing!
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I am a fan of such style, would you suggest me or give me some hints and maybe help to make such? I got some of my works in my gallery :)
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awesome work brother
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I like the infusion of colour, looks like you have managed to infuse every colour in the rainbow. Not a easy task to do but you have pulled it off.
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this is a really great job, well done my friend ...:clap:...
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do you just pour these or do you use some sort of tool to get the designs? Incredibly amazing work once again~I feel bad because I feel like I'm saying the same comment over and over again :[[
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Yes some are poured and some uses various tools, but they are not designs, i don't know exactly what is going to be produced apart from the colour choice and overall style. The techniques vary for each painting, i use alsorts of tools, processes, machines or natures forces to manipulate the paint. I use anything that would introduce randomness or manipulates the artists control to often let the painting produce itself.
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pardon my lack of terms. I didn't not mean to imply your work was something it wasn't.
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hey you have no lack of terms, actually thinking about it your right, there is a design element about them because i do have plans for how a work is executed. There kind of planned to be uncontrolled if you get me lol!
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hahah! I get you!
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ooOOoOo How did you do this??
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This is awesome!
brilijant gollor!
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