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I've been researching and studying local (Dutch) deities lately and I must admit Baduhenna is one of my favourites. We know her from a battle that takes place in Baduhenna's Forest, which we don't know the location of anymore. The Frisians were unhappy with the new Roman leader in the area, which kept raising taxes to the point that they had to sell their livestock and daughters. So the Frisians decided to fight back and attacked the Romans. They lured the Romans into Baduhenna's Forest, where they killed over 900 Roman soldiers. However, the Romans reportedly got so paranoid, that they killed 400 of their own men.

Because of this Baduhenna is seen as a Goddess of the forest, of war and of battle-induced paranoia. She might also be related to Badb, one of the aspects of the Morrigan, meaning crow.
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beautifully simple! :D