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As a photographer, I make photographs. Of course.

I have interests, ongoing themes. But sometimes things get a little... well, different.

As a photographer, I edit my shots before publishing them online. Of course.

The editing goes through phases, follows a (flexible) workflow. But sometimes... accidents happen. Sometimes these are "pleasant" accidents - I get to be pleasantly surprised by what they throw up.

I'm not talking about making mistakes (though I do make mistakes - who doesn't?). What I'm talking about is that the variety of software I use sometimes throws little (harmless) surprises because of little imperfections. Specifically, if I create a file in one program that another program (used for browsing only) can only partially or imperfectly display.

And sometimes these imperfect displays just happen to be 'perfect' in their own right. Something completely different. Surprises. In a vague way they are still visibly related to the original photo, but they have become a work in their own right:

The pleasant accidents of imperfection.

When my software throws me a pleasant surprise like that, I save it as a separate file. And I want to show and share them somewhere. I have decided to make this site the home for these - quite deviant - images, so they can be seen on their own, and without distracting from (or be distracted by) the related 'actual' photographs.

Just like the art in my photography is in my choice of subject and framing, the art in these deviant images is a derivative of that, plus my choice of which of these images I find interesting (or 'pleasant') enough in their own right.

When there is an online version of the 'actual' photograph, I will refer to that from the description, and use - at least largely - the same title and tags, to maintain the tentative connection between the two images. All of them will also be released here under a Creative Commons license. I am very curious to see whether they inspire others to create new art, and what they come up with!

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