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Important! New bill might be WORSE than SOPA/PIPA
This is not about ACTA, it is about a new bill to back up SOPA and PIPA which is worse than those two and them combined.
IF you guys are tired with all the story of SOPA and PIPA, Lamar Smith, creator of thise bills is at it AGAIN.
Now he has created the bill  H.R. 1981 which has more potential to invave our pricacy and control the internet users than SOPA ever had!
His bill uses Child Pornography as a screen to monitor your credit card and bank activity on the internet. It requires that Internet Providers hold on to information about your browsing history for up to 18 months.
Altough he says our personal infortmation will be kept in a ''safe'' place, anyone knows this is the perfect excuse for hackers to steal our personal information. it is MCUH MORE dangerous than SOPA and PIPA.
Haly-K and me made a petition here: for Lamar Smith to stop with all this
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Pay the PayPal Fees
Have you seen someone take commissions with the following in their terms: you must pay the PayPal fee (calculate it at a site like

Every time I run across someone with those terms, I tell them this is against PayPal's terms of service. Some respond 'oh, okay' and remove it, others argue with me and say it's not against their terms. One person has said they will refuse to work on the commission unless I do pay the fees.
I contacted PayPal directly regarding this to get final word on whether this is a violation or not.
Here is my question:
When I am shopping online, I often see people have a rule that if you pay with PayPal, you have to calculate the "paypal fee" and add that on top of the price of the product or service. Some people will refuse to ship or work if they do not receive the "full amount" (without the paypal fee added in).

Is it against the paypal terms of service for these people to do this? What should I tell them
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