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Trainer in Platinum, super effective clothes

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I made a little uptade to Dantes clothes too. Nothing big, you will see them better when I upload the bios.

Girls are back after eating ice cream and talking about future fears. Now they can show the new clothes they bought. Dante
seems to really like Ninas outfit  ;P

Dantes Toxicroaks name is Ethan.

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As always, many congratulations for your new TiP page, dearest Marjo-san !!! ^^

After this so long prologue of its first true chapter, I hope you will be able to start for good the adventures until Sinnoh's Pokemon League for your fan PKMN heroine Mariko Fujimoto and her friends band ...

Because without looking for harrass you and keep you keeping your own pace to draw then publish each page, I am sure your readers through DA website are waiting the next pages yours about your characters's travel real beginning through Sinnoh Region ...

Anyway, I wish you a very good luck to continue this job about making and publishing your Web fanfiction graphic novel pages (until the end of this ongoing chapter indeed the future possible last chapters). ;)