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Trainer in PLATINUM_pressures of the future


The talking still continues. Because there are still matters that needs to be solved.
Marikos gang will continue their jorney eventually, be patient. And if you'r not interested in these pages
then don't read them. XP

Being rich isn't all glamour and money. Because Mariko is an only daughter of rich family with high social status,
there will be some expectationsof her future.

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I'm loving the lasting impact that Vincent has on her character, it really shows what meeting someone who is out of your league can do to ya as a trainer. Striving to overcome them, or the idea of them is always a strong motivation! Came back to check in on the comic and loving it still so far!

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Thank you so much ^_^ :heart:

Yeah, scary situations won't just suddenly disappear from your mind, you need to deal with them. And this is something Mariko needs to learn.

(And Vincent was so fun to draw xD )

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Many congratulations for your new TiP page, dearest Marjo-san!!!^^

I hope for Mariko she will choose with her friends' band her own and right way (in hoping she will get her newborn Riolu with her egg and her first Sinnoh's badges very soon)...

Personally, I would prefer she to begin her adventures through Sinnoh's PKMN League.^^

Good luck Mariko Fujimoto! Do not let anyone oppress you! If you fell, you would be able to stand up again! ;)