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Trainer in PLATINUM, You told her WHAT!!


So now Marikos aunt show up and knows she was arrested... how?

Oh, figure... it's Shins doing again. XD Mariko doesn't approve.
And the answer of your question. As you an see, Aura is Dianas sister. ^_^ And seems to have quite the personality like rest of the family. XP
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the riolu didn't even hatch and yet has caused this much trouble

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But ... What are Nina, Sunny and Dante doing so that relieving and calming Mariko down?
Maybe from your next TiP graphic novel page(s) ...
I am waiting hastly for your main chapter story and newcome Riolu for Mariko. ^^

Anyway, many congratulations.^^ I di not except your next (shorter) page will be published so soon.^^ Maybe you have got a new pace because you got more free time to draw and keep making your chapter, and/or thanks to your new graphic kit?
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They are still observing the situation at the couch.
The following pages will be about getting to know Marikos family and something about her backround. The plot needs to go on it's own pace, so patience.

The drawing tablet deffinetly quikcers the drawing prosses. :) And I'm trying to make the pages more simple, so I'm faster making the pages. ^_^ (and I'm not so busy at the work at the time.)