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Trainer in PLATINUM, The hotel room


New page.

And this page is drawn and colored by my new drawing monitor xp-pen 15.6 pro!! Wohoo! I decided to bought it, and I LOVE drawing at it. Ok, the page is not complete drawned by the monitor, because I started the page before I got it...but who cares XD

So the gang is finally at the hotel. I'm almost satisfied how the hotel room looks. It's improvement at how I usually draw rooms ^^; We also get to see a little bit what kind of pokemons Marikos parents hold...or a lot of it. ^_^
Diana seems to love cat pokemons. O_-

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Diana is a crazy cat lady

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She sure is XD

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I can consider Toru is as jealous as a tiger (I should say "as a Zeraora" for Pokemon World), in front of all these cats  ...
(I admit when I was kid, I thought Growlithe looked like more tiger cubs than puppies)
I do admit I love felines so much, as Mariko's mother ... ^^

Anyway, I wish you a good luck for your next TiP graphic novel pages, dearest Deviantfriend Marjo-san! ;)
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angry meowth lol
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Grumpy mewoth xD

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Our family has dogs that jump onto you whenever you come home, especially if you've gone for a longer time.
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Yeah. My dog does that too. And I don't even need to be gone a long time, even if I'm out for a minute she's still SO happy when I came back. ^_^

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Great, all these feline Pokemon (from Kanto to Unova)! :D
But what does the title of this new page mean, please? Is it about the number of feline Pokemon compared to the only Koffing?
In any case, congratulations for your new TiP page, dearest Marjo-san!!! Everyday, I am waiting hastly for each new pages yours.^^
See you the next pages, good luck to you ... ;)
In hoping Mariko and her friends can begi their travel into Sinnoh soon, until this Region's Pokemon League. And until the birth of Mariko's future Riolu ...
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Whoops, the page name was a wrong one. It's the saved file name I used when drawing this page. It's fixed now ^_^

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Anyway, Mariko's mother could get an Espeon too (Espeon, inspired by the Japanese Nekomata, is the only feline official Eeveelution) ... ^^
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Yeah I didn't remember that one. Well maybe someday she will get one.

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Not meaning to nitpick but I always got a little annoyed when people add an ‘s’ to the end of the word ‘Pokémon’. 

Its not needed since Pokémon is a word that is used to talk about a individual or a group of said wonderful creatures.

Other than that I found it funny.
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Oh, shoot I wrote it wrong again. I trying to write it right but sometimse I just forget xD Well, it's fixed now.

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That’s good to know.
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I know that feeling
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