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Trainer in PLATINUM, Thanks a lot...


Yeah, Mariko was so happy when her mother forgot to interrogate her about how the jorney has gone so far...and we all know that Mariko still hasn't get any padges or even tried to beat the gyms. Why? I wonder...

Bad, bad Shin. Now you made Diana to remember what they were talking a minute ago.

edit: I fogot Dianas freckles
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I could be wrong, but I'm starting to get the feeling this has something to do with cracking under expectations.
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I also can't tell if Shin secretly loves causing drama or if he's just dense. No duh that was supposed to be a secret.
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;P He's a little bit of both. but he do love messing with other people.
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Congratulations again, dearest Deviantfriend Marjo-san!^^
Sorry if I repeat myself, but I hope your main story into your first TiP chapter will not delay to come ...
Keep developing your story until the end of this ongoing chapter, and good luck to you. ;)

I bet Aunt Aura means she hopes our young heroine Mariko has not become a bad girl (or a "female gangster") just because her temporary arrestation for accidental nudity (out of a naturist site) by Police officer Junsâ ... And what will her family say when they discover she has not won any Sinnoh's badge yet? I wonder if Mariko can find new clothes for her to start her adventure with her friends band ...
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But this kinda is the main story. We just concentrate to Marikos family a little bit now, because it's important to know them, that we can also know Mariko better.

When I started this comic, it wasn't like a real comic, but mere few comic strips, one after the other without any good plot. Now that this have become an comic, it has a real plot, and the plot needs to proceed a certain route, that it will be readable and logical. I just can't anymore jump randomly to situation to situation. There needs to be a route that leads to these situations, so it will take time to reach in some events.

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All right. Thank you for your informations, dearest Marjo-san. ^^

So, if I understand well, this ongoing first TiP chapter will talk about Mariko and her family until its last page.

And I bet your heroine and her friends band will begin their adventure as soon as the next chapter (your second one).
Did not you wish make a flashback annex that talked about Mariko's starts in Sinnoh, with regional Pr. Nanakamado? Anyway, just focus on your main series until the chapter number you will wish. ^^

I knew you began your Trainers in Platinium graphic novel series (formerly titled "Pokemon Platinium") as short comics.

So, good luck for your TiP next pages and chapters! ;)
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Well, my chapters are surely longer than ordinary chapter lenght. So the will be more happening than just this talk with her parents.

No, I don't think so, that there will be any flashbacks about Marikos starting. I already added the paged that needed to be done at the peginning. For example:Trainer in PLATINUM, the start
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