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Trainer in PLATINUM, Stockpile

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Look who evolved :)

And Mariko, you really think that anyone will believe you with the expression like that.

Yeah I know that this kind of behavior Sora is doing looks more like a move thief or a pick up ability, but its neither (though it would be so cool if pelipper could really have a pick up ability in the game xD)

In the game Sora just knows stockpile and in the comic she's a kleptomaniac and likes stockpile things (works for me) XP
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pick up ability ?
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I wish. It's only my wersion of stocpile. ;P
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imagine both and if she picks pokemon in her moth too that would be great
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It would be awesome. ^_^
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i know or if she picks up arceus and all his plates
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Half the pokedex entries reference as much, so it's hardly surprising to see that and "stockpile" interpreted this way.

Just wait though. If the 'dexes are any indication, it'll only be a matter of time before she starts "stockpiling" other pokemon. ~_^ That'll be an interesting day for sure.
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^_^ Heh! That would be a sight.
Hmm. actually that gave me an idea for a comic trip or two. Thanks for the comment :D
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Happy to help. :D
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Now to search for a Legendary Pokémon.
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loool when i saw the millennium puzzle i was like " YU-GI-Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh......." 
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