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Trainer in PLATINUM, Picture


What the pokemon gang are doing in the meantime. Side comic.

So, Nina and Sunny was able to get Mariko a new outfit. And also uptade their own look. ^_^
Mariko looks grumpy, but she gets udes to the new clothes in no time.  :) ( And her parent's couldn't be happier)

Edit: I changed Marikos outfit a bit. I removed the black flower from her shirt. Because it was a real pain to try drawing it in every little picture. XP
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Maate, wicked outfit! I like her harlequin pants especially!

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Thank you :D I really like them too ^_^

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took me a while to notice that the heart on sunny's belt is the same as the one in pokemon heartgold

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Yep. :D it was a nice design and it suited in her outfit.

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After this sent photo, I keep wondering when will Mariko recover her bags and her Lucario egg, before starting her adventures through Sinnoh Region with her friends band ... I am sure getting her newborn Riolu in her PKMN team at one moment will be able to cheer her up for good!

From your next TiP page maybe ...
I let you keep your suspense ...

Anyway, many congratulations dearest Deviantfriend Marjo-san!!!
For one while, I wondered if it was really your new TiP graphic novel page ... ^^
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Yes, it was the new page and the same time a normal drawing.
Two birds at one stone.
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