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Trainer in PLATINUM, It's all about genes


So Marikos aunt is an breeder. And breeds Arcanines. This is the family business that Diana didn't want to inherit, but started being a pokemon trainer.

Aura has complete different nature than her sister. She doesn't show that much emotions and like Diana says, Aura tells her thoughts straight out.

And she allready have noticed that Dante is a an albino. she have a goos eye of a breeder XD

This is Marikos aunt Aura then. Like other Marikos family members, I wanted to introduce her a little :)
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Why do I feel sorry for Dante?
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Because his albinism probably always gets pointed out.  And it was rude of Aura to blurt something like that out loud. ^_^
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Suddenly I’ve got a flashback to Leonard’s Mother from The Big Bang Theory; Aura Morris reminds me so much of her.
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Now that you mention it. Yes, she does. XD
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Glad you agree. 😁
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Congratulations again! ^^
Anyway, I hope your main story will not delay too much (after this introducing for Mariko's family members) ... Because I am waiting hastly for Mariko's adventures until Sinnoh's League with her friend band, and her newborn Riolu from her egg. ^^
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