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Trainer in PLATINUM, Finally out?


This page became long....

Being grilled with her mom and aunt long enough, Mariko finally comes up with an idea how to
get out of the situation (deffinetly not telling the truth...) but it also gets her in another difficult matter.
She now have to go buy new clothes!

Finally! Because seriously Hotaka, that outfit didn't suit her.
And yes...I'm going to change Marikos outfit again. Actually I'm going to change all three
heroines style too. Because I wan't and I can. xD
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Yay, new update! Can't wait to see their new outfits :)
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Congratulations, dearest Marjo-san!!! ^^
I hope Mariko's friends will answer her before it is too late. So they will not choose anything for her without her advice ...
Anyway, I think Diana en Aura are so bitchy with our young heroine. Why did not Hotaka react earlier? Poor her!

So, after shopping, I hope Mariko and her friends band will begin their adventure through Sinnoh Region (until badges and League) for real. I let you keeping us this suspense.^^

I guess this is the 24th page from this ongoing TiP chapter, right?
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Hotaka was too busy to talk with Shin about science, for notice what's is going all.

Mariko will freak out everythime when someone mentions new clothes, but she will get over it and will be fine ^_^
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Hard to read as the text seems blurry.
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Really? It's looked fine when I watched it.
Did you try to do download the picture? Was it still blurry?
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Some of the squares were clear but the top and bottom parts seemed blurry and hard to read even when I tried clicking it to make it bigger.
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I don't know why the text would appear that way.
It seems fine by my computer and I posted it as a big file, so it should
be readable.
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My eyesight must be bad then at the moment; I can normally see small text very well & read well.
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been waiting so long for a new page

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And I have been waiting so long to be able to finish it. ( Really wated, because there was never time to draw...)
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but i'm willing to wait quality over quantity

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if i gained 1kg for everything i've seen that had little to no effort put on it i would've fallen straight into hell

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