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Trainer in PLATINUM, Angry...not


So, meet Marikos parents. Hotaka and Diana Fujimoto. :)
Not too happy that she had been arrested for nudity. They are SO angry...or dad's supposed to be ;P He just adores his little girl too much.

Mariko seem to have inherit her look mostly from her mom. And her nature...mostly of her dad it seems xD
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I hope Mariko's friends have found and bring back her clothes let at the beach ...
I hope you will tell us this into your next TiP pages.^^
In  hoping Mariko will be able to start training her Pokemon team and her egg will end to hatch ...
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Wow, I did not expect that; but it’s a funny turnaround for the parents attitudes and temperament.
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Mrs. Fujimoto Mother looks rather rancorous ...
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Nah she's just quick tempered.  Now she is dissapointed and angry,(She did just finded out that Mariko got herself arrested after all.), but giving her a little time she will calm down.