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Shinga's BRILLIANT Twilight

By Marji4x
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You will have to download to see it all it got....kinda long.

SO! A friend recommended Twilight and I read it and...yeah. So then I found :iconshinga: whose reaction was RATHER more violent and who used her rage toward artistic and talented purposes. She did a couple comics which pretty much perfectly encapsulated the series. They can be found here and are much better paced than mine!:



But better yet! She wrote a HILARIOUS synopsis of the book. GO FORTH!!! Check it out!!!


I humbly adapted some of chapter five into a comic....and man, comics are HARD TO MAKE. But I enjoyed every minute of it and if even one person is driven by the sheer force of it to her synopsis, then my job here IS DONE.
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that is, by far, one of the most idiotic comments I've seen. 
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WOW! LOVED IT! Bella should take medication for her retardedness...if she isn't already...LMBOOTFROAS

Laugh my butay off on the floor rolling oround and stuff
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hee hee totally lol'd to this...soooo true...
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what do you think i am? spiderman. lol
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Lolz Too great! I love her puppy dog eyes, and she really is an idiot.
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She is the funnest idiot to draw :D
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Oh, no doubt.
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the part where Bella says " okay lets be friends , and the last too panels are hilarious ! i laughed so much at this , xD
i think Twilight is good , but this is just so funny :D
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hahaa I am glad I could entertain :D
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you're welcome , it was very funny ! :D
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jaja, i'm still laughing a looot!
so, not a fun of Bella ah? seems that she's not that popular... but I have to recognize she's an anoying character sometimes.
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hehehe, yeah she is ;D
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UGH. i can't get enough of these twilight parodies... IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME???
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NO NEVER, I too cannot have enough! In fact if you check my favorites you'll see a folder dedicated to them 8D~
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I wet my pants when I read this. :)
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