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~This isn't the most magical shot, but there's something I like about it~

Got my long hair chopped off today. Now its a bob! I couldn't get the tips to be longer and edgier because my previous layers were quite short=( But my stylist said that in a month and a half they should grow out and everything will be perfect! I :heart: it-- feels so healthy & light!

*A few notes:

*nose ring is fake- its just a rhinestone

*necklace/pendant is one of my gifts for Christmas. Its a fancy Celtic clover

* that's not my camera- the one in the photo is a D40, mine is a Nikon D80
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460x460px 113.33 KB
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5/30 second
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32 mm
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Jan 3, 2009, 3:44:21 PM
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Wonderful hair, wonderful camera, wonderful photo! :)
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lovely hair!
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your welcome dear<3
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Nice photo really like it awesome focus and that! I was wondering about that contest how does it work like what are you looking for I got a bit confused with your description.

I like her how the background is pure white and nothing else.

Also any chance you could help me out because you seem to have your photos with a nice clear background mine got a crease from the sheet which sucks and im trying to get it out but cant :(
mariyaolshevska's avatar

well I think I know which part you might have been confused about. In any case- I'm looking for entries which illustrate the many different personalities of a person. Some nasty some strange.
Submitted photos may be manipulated and made surreal(have elf ears, or vampire fangs,) as long as they look believable. And background and etc can be enhanced.
This type of image may be acceptable- [link]
which is an example of "enhancement"
but this type of image is not- [link]

*Well- I use normally a wall for my background and I sometimes edit some things afterwards to make it all an even colour. Which image are you having problem with?
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I am having trouble with the image thats first on my page! With the balloons. I am using GIMP and I am not to sure how to use it I just want to get rid of my creases from the sheet! But the clone stamp tool thingy is weird :(
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do you have Photoshop?
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No I use GIMP most of it is the same Ive been told :)
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Hmm well I've never used it. But you could try using a soft brush at 25 percent opacity and "painting" over the crease gradually. To match the colour well - use the eyedropper tool.
JohnySnap's avatar
Ok the eye dropper tool. Right I will try and give that a bash :)

Do I have to pick a color and that or will it just stay the same?
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you should regularly adjust the colour you're picking so it blends well.
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i really like this shot =]
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youre welcome!
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Prefect shot :heart:
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Very nice, I really like how your hair looks. Kinda strange but a friend of mine had the exact thing done to her hair and had the same complaint.
mariyaolshevska's avatar
haha I guess some hair dressers don't know to make layers longer and more adaptable? =D
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You're so pretty! Having a camera in the photograph is a great effect!
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What's the final effect you're trying to achieve?
anyway, beautiful photo, beautiful contrast
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