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Hardy Theme



Now quicker and lighter than 1.1!

New Emerald Themes(Standard and OSX-like edition)
New AWN theme
New GTK theme
and much more...

It is based on a mockup by willwill100:

It is a complete theme pack:

*Gtk theme
*Emerald theme
*AWN Theme
*GDM theme
*conky theme
*Firefox theme
*Compiz Fusion Settings

Installation howto into the readme

Thanks to petercui for the wallpaper.
Thanks to Murrina-Dark by Xanderoby.


Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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Here is the link to the old wallpaper for whoever misses it :)
Je ss pas comment l'installer
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Deviant art is the most awesome source for everything Ubuntu.
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it keeps on telling me its not a valid theme
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looking great. Thanks.
death-note-intheDNA's avatar
Mi piace davvero, davvero molto!
Semplicemente bellissimo.
Complimenti! *_*
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alright, i've been trying to install the theme forever, but it won't install.
but ... this theme is for windows 7 or xp or linux

try to explaine the theme is for ..........!!!!!??
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This is a Linux theme.
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Very nice, it all flows together perfectly! :clap:
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i want to take for masculin man theme< but i not found it
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I got the theme after a couple minutes but how did you get the Mac task bar at the bottom?

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Does this work on any operating system?
well done brother
Schneckenhausmann's avatar
very nice work :-)
could you please tell me which songbird theme this is?
moothz's avatar
I can't see where to find the themes folder for the GTK. ):
awesome theme thanks
chrisnextdoor's avatar
Too bad, Ubuntu didnt work on my laptop (it worked with compiz and stuff but videos were flickering, flash was extremely slow with all the browsers and I have a fast laptop, finally there was no wifi).
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