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a collection of art for the true dreamer
"We're all having sex on this ice right now, all of us." -- Chris, probably
Homestuck Trash by MariusOfTheSea

Cresting Wave Divider by MariusOfTheSea
.:BIRTH 2017:. Of Buttons and Cologne by MariusOfTheSea .:One By One:. by MariusOfTheSea The King's Throne by MariusOfTheSea
Hence Hope Shines Forth by MariusOfTheSea Mr. and Mrs. Slate by MariusOfTheSea .:Fursona Reference:. Tipsy Candypaws UPD8! by MariusOfTheSea

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Make Love to Me by Morning by MariusOfTheSea

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JJ style b-day by MariusOfTheSea

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Instruments Of Desire by MariusOfTheSea


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PokeBAES - DarkWater! by MariusOfTheSea A Rough Week by MariusOfTheSea 2018 Summary of Art by MariusOfTheSea

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Make Love to Me by Morning by MariusOfTheSea
.:Fursona Reference:. Tipsy Candypaws UPD8! by MariusOfTheSea Prince Sidon Sketches by MariusOfTheSea
.:BIRTH 2017:. Original Character Design Kalvyas by MariusOfTheSea .:BIRTH 2017:. Original Character Design Tethys by MariusOfTheSea .:BIRTH 2017:. Of Buttons and Cologne by MariusOfTheSea .:Problema Doppio:. by MariusOfTheSea

Are tennis balls yellow or green? 

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Today is my 8th DeviantArt anniversary! 🎉 
I colored over a pencil sketch on my phone and I’m incredibly pleased with how this turned out.
I’m doing $5 #mermay sketch commissions, $10 if you want them colored ((actual commissions will be lined and colored, this was just an experiment))

Filename by MariusOfTheSea
Hey everyone! It’s been half a decade since I was on Etsy, so I decided to create a brand new shop! I just reduced all my prices, so please come and take a look!

Filename by MariusOfTheSea
CHALLENGE: Critique My Style! by MariusOfTheSea  Feel free  to participate! This challenge is open to everyone <3
I think I've finally managed to sleep this con off, so I am ready to write the highlights of my vacay!!
This AnimeFest was certainly... different from other ones I've been to, in a weird mixture of dead and busy ((busy since all of the people who came for Yuri!!! On Ice.)) AFest marketed itself as essentially YOI Con since not only were the English VAs going to be there, as Funimation is DFW based, but also the three creators of Yuri!!! On Ice were special guests flown in from Japan as guests of honor! 

Guests of Honor by MariusOfTheSea

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock THURSDAY!!!
The moirailsprit and I headed out early that morning and started with a breakfast of CFA; She had to work, so I took the extra time after dropping them off to head to our hotel and get checked in. On top of needing to pick up my badge, I also had three wigs to cut and style!! Our wigs for ChristopheJJ, and Viktor all had to be done before we could go to the con >.> Well, Viktor just needed a restyling!
I  met quite a few people while registering for my badge, offering an impromptu photoshoot in the skybridge for a group of cosplayers, and helping some die-hard YOI fans find their way around the Sheraton ((When you've been going to a con location for 5 years, you learn a thing or two.)) Being in Dallas makes my heart soar, and the sights of the buildings around us are more than beautiful.
Plaza of the Americas by MariusOfTheSea 
((Here is single-handedly the best food court. Hard to believe it was once an ice rink and I've skated there before!)) 
After styling 3 wigs, spending two hours getting into Chris for the first time, making a snack run to Wal-Mart and helping ladies who didn't speak English pick out medicine, picking OddLittleBug up, and hastily changing in the car, we roll up on the scene as casual Chris and JJ :heart: 
Taking pictures in places you're not supposed to by MariusOfTheSea  Casual? You meant Dapper. by MariusOfTheSea  king by MariusOfTheSea
((I could scream at the lack of pictures we took TOGETHER while cosplaying my OTP))

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock FRIDAY!!!
First full day of the con for us! However, we start with breakfast and trying to rip my toenail off in the hotel dining room ^^; Having woke up in a great mood, I was cutting up with OddLittleBug and JJ Styled while walking backwards and kicked the bottom of my right foot over my left. I bit back the pain, brushed it off, and went to make my breakfast. Only when I sat down did I realize I left a bloody print... and then when I looked back I'd left a whole pool of blood where I was standing waiting on the toaster!! I quickly rushed to clean it up, with the custodians thinking I'd simply spilled syrup and telling me I didn't have to do that. Great start!
Today I got into Chris much quicker ((half an hour instead of two)) and OddLittleBug debuted the fantastic Canada jacket she'd made and off we went!!
We started in the dealer's room, and then made our way down to artist alley. There we saw the beginnings of the massive line(crowd) for Friday's YOI Meet and Greet and OddLittleBug granted my request to wait in line!! We met plenty of fun people there, including @/PlatinumAngel whom I haven't seen since the last A-Kon that was held at the Sheraton (24?), but I recognized them by name instantly and they remembered me!! It was amazing! We also met a really nice JJ cosplayer, Tori, who was genuinely good people so we hung with them through the bulk of the line. It was there that we got plenty of attention and took lots of photos! 
Who the hell is touching Jean-Jacques? by MariusOfTheSea  Bunny Filter! by MariusOfTheSea
We made it into overflow line two, so we were seated and everyone else was turned away. AnimeFest wasn't prepared for Kubo and co. because the three guest weren't doing normal autographs, the were drawing for every person that came through. It ended up taking so much time that only about 45 people could make it through. While we waited in line, staff came out with prizes and played a game of trivia with us all! That was when OddLittleBug and I knew we wouldn't get through to see Kubo. However, trivia is my FAVORITE and I knew the answers to every single question ((I was put out when I didn't get selected to answer Chris' SP CONSIDERING I WAS DRESSED AS CHRIS)) and ended up winning an AWESOME metal keychain of Viktor's instagram, thanks to knowing Liliya Baranovska's full name. It's previously unreleased merch and I have to have the Agape!Viktor one now!
v-nikiforov by MariusOfTheSea
I wasn't too put out we didn't get to meet them today, since I hadn't been expecting of it. However, that doesn't say the same for everyone!! While we found out we wouldn't make it, once cosplayer held eye contact with me the entire time they were arguing with staff and trying not to cry. Talk about a situation we didn't know what to do with!!
Afterwards, we headed to get some lunch --much needed sushi from our favorite place-- and then back to the dealers room where lo and behold I find flip flops for sale, slides to be exact, at the Anime Fest booth. I had gone on and on about how I would buy flip flops any where I could find them because that was the last thing I needed for my cosplay! We headed back to the hotel and I got changed into Poolside!Chris!!!
Open Chest by MariusOfTheSea  *blows kiss* by MariusOfTheSea  Snapchat-1692079795 by MariusOfTheSea  Smol Moose by MariusOfTheSea 
It was my first attempt at open chest binding, despite teaching myself the technique when I first started cosplaying ((which was a while ago, I'm old.)) I went from double Ds to totally flat, so I'd say it was a success ^^ no editing necessary to hide these puppies!
We get back out on the con scene and enjoy the rest of our night! We head up to the 14th floor of the Sheraton and spend the night hanging out with our Squad and catching up on our salt. ((Yes, it does take four people to eat one container of ice cream))

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock SATURDAY!!!
This is where usually OddLittleBug and I would have planned a Homestuck cosplay, but for the first time in four years I went to a convention without greying, and to be honest, it was nice. I was pleased with my soft debut of Poolside!Chris enough to go as him all day long!! We started our morning with breakfast -- sans injury this time -- and went to the artist alley immediately after getting ready to wait in line even earlier for the YOI Meet and Greet. 
It was wild, and DPD had to step in to police (heh, get it) everyone. They ended up taking 10 people at a time from either side, and when OddLittleBug and I went to go, fingers laced as to not get separated in the mob, the cop put his hand on my chest and only let her go. Eventually I got to go too, but only after completely missing my spot having to wait for con staff to let OddLittleBug give me my badge since both of them were on her. The line capped, and they sent away everyone for YOI and only let people in for the other Japanese guests, so I got into that line. Somehow, some way by grace, the con staff let Addy and I switch places. She gave up her spot in line and too mine so that I would have the opportunity to meet the creators and have them sign my sketch book. If that isn't true friendship, I don't know what is. We had to be separated a bit, but Addy got to meet Studio Ghibli!! She got signatures and posters from VAs and animators alike!! Meanwhile, I waited patiently and finally got to step up and meet Mitsuro Kubo, the mangaka, Tadashi Hiramatsu, the character designer and animation director, and Sayo Yamamoto, the director. Kubo was first, and she looked up and smiled before saying, "Chrisu!! HI!!" Each of them exclaimed "Oh, Chrisu!" in different levels of of surprise and excitement, Sayo's definitely being the best reaction. She is so gorgeous, and Kubo is an absolute little cutie. Kubo drew me a little chibi Chris blowing a kiss, and Tadashi drew me a slightly more sultry Chris, and finally Sayo wrote "Yuri!!!" and the date!!! It's signed in the cover of my RENDR, and Kubo thumbed through it to find where to sign and saw my drawing of FS Viktor *dies*
The Creators!!! by MariusOfTheSea
After the meet and greet, Addy and I head to get some much needed lunch ((we were starving)) of sushi and a shrimp po'boy to share! After almost losing my appetite at a couple of patrons who walked in looking a mess, we head off and end up eating with her friend Emma!
Swiss/Canada by MariusOfTheSea  Sushi Time by MariusOfTheSea  Bomb Sushi Lighting by MariusOfTheSea  seflie con by MariusOfTheSea 
More shopping and having fun left us to stopping in the bathroom to take pictures. Nothing beats the lighting in the Sheraton bathroom for dramatic photos.
Mature Eros by MariusOfTheSea  The King by MariusOfTheSea  Bae by MariusOfTheSea  JJ Style by MariusOfTheSea
We end up meeting the Dave cosplayer from A-Kon along with their friend Kayla, who were fantastic company. They won a cosplay competition and their prize was a JJ keychain, and they were up and like, "We don't know anything about the series so next time we see you you can have it," to Addy!! Later on we end up sitting down to charge and they find us to deliver the keychain! It was BEAUTIFUL and Partizan Hope themed! We chill with them and two of their friends, and talk for HOURS. It was fantastic! Nothing beats making adult friends that we don't have to worry about. Mid convo, a Yura came and stole JJ away for a dance battle!! Oh my gosh this OtaYuri pair was so great, and we had bumped into them multiple times this weekend. The Otabek starts to play Theme of King JJ on his speaker and the dance battle ensues!!
King JJ by MariusOfTheSea  DANCE OFF by MariusOfTheSea  New Friends by MariusOfTheSea  Squad Up by MariusOfTheSea 

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock SUNDAY!!!
Addy unfortunately had to go to work, so I took her and then quickly rushed back to try to get in line for the day's YOI Meet and Greet to try and get HER sketchbook signed! I had apparently just missed the riot that broke out, so bad that people were throwing items from the artist alley. What an embarrassment... There were even more cops today than there were yesterday because of it. The mob was capped and there was no hope of getting in... Thankfully, I realized that the Meet and Greet for the English cast was about to start, so I ran and quickly threw on my cosplay. ((I was going to cosplay the Mamochka but my breasts and my dress just weren't agreeing, so I threw on Banquet!Yuuri instead)). I watched carefully, shopping close so that I could ensure a spot, and the moment the crowd started to swell I slipped into line!! I made it in the first wave!
SAFE by MariusOfTheSea
So, lo and behold, I got to meet the English VAs!! Every single one of them, Especially Ian Sinclair (Celestino, Space Dandy) and Daman Mills (Yakov), adored the pen that I had bought specifically for Kubo to draw in my sketch book with. It was a pretty silver calligraphy pen. ((WELL technically Addy bought it because my wallet was in the car)). It was very amusing! I asked them all to sign it to her, and they did not disappoint. When I asked Micah Solusod, Yurio, to sign, he responded with "Sure, Pork Cutlet Bowl!" in character! It was adorable. Daman Mills went on about how my pen made him feel fancy and he wished he could sign all his stuff with it. I almost let him keep it because he's such a cutie. Then Ian Sinclair told me he was only signing because I said "Pretty Please." Poor Josh Grelle, Yuuri, had lost his voice that morning and I wished him better; he was an absolute sweet heart. His assistant and I chatted it up about how much she loves the Drunk!Yuuri cosplays and what an enjoyable costume it is. Another fun VA was Monica Rial, who has been in EVERYTHING, however for YOI she is Mila. I recognized her voice from so many things, and realized she voices Misuzu from AIR, a great anime movie that Addy had me watch thursday night. I told her that we loved her in it, and she was so thankful that we had watched it since it was one of her favorite roles. She went on to say how she still gets grown men who come up to her with Misuzu tattoos and tell her how much it made them cry!! XD
English YOI VAs by MariusOfTheSea
((Jeremy Inman JJ LeroyJosh Grelle Yuuri Katsuki, Howard Wang Guang-Hong JiDaman Mills Yakov Feltsman, Alejandro Saab Koyuki - ServampIan Sinclair CelestinoMicah Solusod Yuri Plisetsky, and Monica Rial Mila))

After that I headed back to bring Addy some lunch and ended our con vacay!

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock MISCELLANEOUS AND CON HAUL!!!
I didn't really buy as much this con -- except for the fortune we spent on food -- aside from a few 10 Count and YOI mystery packs from Anime POP, one of my favorite stores, for Addy and only spent about $18 on parking for the whole weekend.
Haul! by MariusOfTheSea
Con Haul: My lovely signed RENDR, a Super Nintendo emuator that Addy and I went halfsies on, a crabapple clip that I've been wanting that Addy bought for me, a Michele Crispino keychain that I traded out for the Yuri Plisetsky one I pulled, and a smol Yuuri keychain that Addy gave to me from her prereg badge!! (I prereged, but still bought mine too soon), oh! and my awesome keychain I won at trivia!

Cool Things:
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Helped some ladies who didn't speak English pick out medicine, fully dressed as Chris
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Peaches the reject Dragon, aka just a dino
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Juice boxes and Muscle Milk
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock the one Georgi/JJ cosplayer
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock The "Animefest Twins"
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Monica Rial makes the BEST bara impression while chatting about AIR.
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock SENPAI NOTICED ME, aka the Hot Male Chris complimented me on Instagram
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