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Most of my followers, or The Beautiful People, as I like to call them, follow me because of my juvenile comic strips I've called Quick Time Moral Choice, where I make fun of and celebrate video games. I really hope you people like them as much as I like making them, even though, as we all know, they are quite few and far between. Lately though, I've had a story in my mind that I've struggled with deciding how to tell.

First it was meant to be a machinima movie, then a book, then a machinima movie again, before I though: "hey, I can draw... ish. Why don't I make a comic out of it?" And so, "October 20th" was born, a black and white horror story taking place in a world I've decided to dub the Shields McKloskey-verse. The story centers around two people, Catherine and Rai, who under mysterious circumstances seem to have fallen under a curse, which sees them hunted by a dark and terrifying creature every 20th of October. With no-one to trust but each other, can they finally uncover the secret behind breaking the curse that has taken all their loved ones away? Can they stop the creature that stalks them? And who is the man oddly called Shields McKloskey, who seems to be the man with all the answers?

I hope some of you will follow my new project, and maybe even enjoy it.
Have a good idea for a funny, video-game related comic strip. Want to visualise it? Now's your chance. Whether you have a full script or just an amusing punchline, let me know, for the chance to get writing credits for Quick Time Moral Choice number 10. I can offer you nothing concrete, other than your name on the strip, but we all know that leads to fame and recognition, and I would assume, countless groupies of any gender you prefer.

How can you turn down that opportunity?

Drop a mail to, or find me on twitter @hjelsyells.
So 7 is now officially in the works. And you know what that means; I'll get to it eventually. For the second time, I will be moving away from the world of Mass Effect, and onto strange, uncharted territory. And for the second time, I leave it to you, my incredibly intelligent and beautiful readers (seriously, have you lost weight?) to crack my astonishingly subtle clues as to what corner of video game absurdity we shall be exploring next.

You can find the clue in my recently uploaded deviation.

I mean, what kind of tier one mastermind could solve this puzzle? Can you? I mean, I made the thing, and I barely know. Stay tuned.