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Pain Divine I

By Mariusart
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Photography & bodypainting: MariusArt
Model: Disintegration
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Sometimes a painting looks like a photograph, and this is one of those rare occasions where a photograph looks like a painting. 

What an incredible effect! It's always exciting when your work shows up in my watch list! I trust you're keeping well?
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Well, most of this picture is actually (body)painted - I sometimes use the camera only as one of many tools for creating my images as you should know by now ;-)
Thanks as always for your comments! I'm not so often visiting deviantart nowadays but it's nice to see that some people of "the ancient dA times" are still left :-)
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I've come to expect fantastic body painting from you, but this time the piece blurred the line between photographed painting, and painted still.

I'm still here, and it's always nice to see something new from you!
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As you know I often like to blur the lines between photography, painting, special effect make up, real setup & props and digital editing. That's my kind of "surrealistic approach" to creating art. It's nice that it worked so good for you here :-)