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Sorry for the inactivity in regards to this group and its general upkeep. Things have been fairly wild on this end. I will most likely continue to rarely post journals/etc on here, but will attempt to keep the group and its folders clean and certainly Marius-related. It's been three years since I've done anything with this group, but my love for Marius certainly hasn't diminished!

I have cleaned up the folders and removed members who were not abiding by the folder subjects. Feel free to re-enter, certain ex-members, if the material pertains to the subject folder.

Your Marius content should now remain Marius-content.

I am switching submissions to needing approval to prevent any further spam, and maybe to convince me to stay a little more active here. Your submissions will definitely go through if the subjects are correct, which they generally are, but I'm trying to run a tight ship! Otherwise, this group will remain generally the same.

If anyone has any ideas/desires more activity from this group however, hit me up.


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Group Info

We are a group dedicated to the vampire Marius, from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. :) We love this wise vampire and his lovers and fledglings!
Founded 10 Years ago
Mar 11, 2011


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Fan Club

226 Members
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Marius De Romanus

Current Status

:bulletred:Founder Semi-Inactive. Any questions, comments, or anything else really, please direct them with a message to ValkyrieNix

:pointr: Marius and Bianca themed contest has finished with excellent entries from all the participants! We congratulate the winners here!

1st: VC: In Need- contest entry by Hedonistbyheart
2nd: In Venice by luizagm2
3rd: VC- Bianca by Zily-pon

:pointr: Marius and Those Who Must Be Kept Contest turned out some amazing entries! Here, we congratulate the winners!


1st: Tension in the Real chamber by NightInk-RcArt
2nd:She is guarding me by luizagm2
3rd: VC: ROMA PERIT - contest entry by Hedonistbyheart



Hello, and welcome to the Fan Club of the Keeper of Those Who Must Be Kept. To keep this group up and running, and to its best quality (also for contest rewards), please donate here:… It would be much appreciated :)



This is your founder speaking, ValkyrieNix, and I'd like to set down a few rules.

:bulletred: All art must be in some way related to Marius de Romanus of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folder, or your entries will be denied.

:bulletred: This is a group about vampires, so blood and gore is obviously going to be involved. Submit things as gruesome as you want, just keep the warning tag on it please for members who are, perhaps, of a younger age.

:bulletred: If you have any questions, send a note to the group, myself, or my co-founder, LexiWynn. Comments work too, but it's not for a while that I'm notified to them.

:bulletred: The Featured Folder is for deviations of excellent quality and worth special notice. Once a month, there will be a blog depicting the newest ones added to the folder. Think yours is worth it? Submit to the correct folder, then send us a note saying you'd like it featured.

:bulletred: Feel free to submit deviations that aren't yours, but to the correct folder. We're always looking for gallery improvement.

:bulletred: If you're especially helpful to this group, you'll be added to Contributors. If you are unable to take the position, due to :devart:'s three group rule for non-premium members, you'll be featured in the next blog.

:bulletred: No hating on other deviants. Seriously. Or you'll be given the boot.

:bulletred: For members, deviations are limited to 10 deviations per day, per folder. For contributors, it's unlimited. If you want to be a contributor, send me a note please.

:bulletred: Enjoy! We all love Marius here :D


Books You Should Read

Vampire Chronicles Books

:bulletred: Interview with the Vampire
:bulletred: The Vampire Lestat (features Marius)
:bulletred: The Queen of the Damned (features Marius)
:bulletred: The Tale of the Body Thief
:bulletred: Memnoch the Devil
:bulletred: The Vampire Armand (features Marius)
:bulletred: Merrick
:bulletred: Blood and Gold (features Marius)
:bulletred: Blackwood Farm
:bulletred: Blood Canticle

New Tales of Vampires Books

:bulletred: Pandora (features Marius)
:bulletred: Vittorio the Vampire

Most of the books mention Marius at some point, but I've made a note on the ones he's consistently seen in.

(c) Anne Rice



Wondering who Marius is and what's the deal with this group? Don't want to go off :devart: to find out? Go to the Blood and Gold Folder and read the description to side. Interested? Check the links above to find out more.

Also wondering why EVERYTHING seems to be red? Here's a quick explanation: "'It's my common way to wear red,' Marius said to Thorne's unspoken interest. 'Lestat, my sometime pupil, also loves it which annoys me mightily but I endure it.'"-- page 31 of Blood and Gold, mass market paperback edition. Understand? Good. More questions? Send us a note, or check out the FAQ located in the gallery.


Sister Groups

And check out more groups that are popular and involve Marius, his friends, and his lovers!

:bulletred: MariusIsAPimp (Marius)
:bulletred: thevampirearmand (Armand)
:bulletred: TeamArmand (Armand)
:bulletred: EternallyBeautiful (Pandora)
:bulletred: Lestats-Lovers (Lestat)
:bulletred: LestatlovesLouis (Lestat and Louis)
:bulletred: annericefanclub (All of Anne's Characters)
:bulletred: TheOrderofTalamasca (All of Anne's Characters, same Founder)
:bulletred: vampirechronicles (Vampire Chronicles Characters)
:bulletred: LestatxLouis-Fans (Lestat and Louis)
:bulletred: BratXMercifulDeath (Lestat and Louis)
:bulletred: TheVampireLouis (Louis)
:bulletred: lestatlouislovers (Lestat and Louis)
:bulletred: Anne-Rice-Chronicles (Vampire Chronicles Characters)
:bulletred: VampireChorniclesOCs (what the name implies)
:bulletred: VampireDollClaudia (Claudia)
:bulletred: Nicolas-de-LenfentFC (Nicolas de L'enfant)
:bulletred: AnnesVampireWorld (Vampires by Anne Rice)

Just made a group related to us? Want to have it here? Send us a note. Isn't listed here? Send us a note.


Links of Interest

:bulletred: Anne Rice on Facebook
:bulletred: Anne's Website
:bulletred: Anne Rice on Twitter
:bulletred: Anne Rice on Youtube






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