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The Vanic goddess Nerthus is the mother of Frey and Freyja, and the sister-wife of Njord. She is experienced as a devouring Earth-Water goddess and I feel Her energy very strongly in the boggy areas near where I live, the liminal places. She is the veiled one, and once a year when her statue had to be cleaned, the slaves who saw her face were drowned.

Makes that see-through veil here a little creepier, hm?

Gratefully created using stock from:

bog: stupid-stock [link]
model: LinzStock [link]
texture: night-fate-stock [link]
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can i feature this picture for my art challenge?

i just wanna show this to my friend so they can understand what kinda goddess she is.. is that ok with u?
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Feel free to link to it, yes :)
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Very suitably creepy :)
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I actually live in a particularly boggy part of Ireland and tend to get my most vivid sense of Nerthus out in those liminal earth/water places... which is what inspired this. Thanks for the comment!
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I know what you mean, I find marshes very spiritual too.