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MC Prologue Pg 10 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic

By MariStoryArt
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Beginning of Prologue: MC Prologue Pg 01 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic
Beginning of Day 01: (coming soon)

~ Mari
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OMG! This is so cool! I actually have been meaning to draw a Mystic Messenger Fancomic like this for myself! ^_^
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Cats have been brought up; this is now a normal message board.
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D'Aww Elizabeth III ^^ So cute! I really like how you've drawn her.
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Elly's the cutest >w< ❤❤❤
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707 seems to be focused than enjoying the chat. XD He's even doing a background check just in case! XDD
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Jaahee looks so cute in this shot!
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*fangirling intensifies* Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2] Gou Matsuoka (Sexy Body Fangirling Alt) [V2] 
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ALSO YOOOOOSUNG! .:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette Enoshima Junko Fangirling 
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omg Elizabeth so cuteee 707 Mystic Messenger 8 707 Mystic Messenger 8 707 Mystic Messenger 8 
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Yay! Finally RFA it's complete! even Elizabeth appeared XD she looks so adorable!
I'm sorry, this is my first time I comented a page of you comic and all I do is fangirling XD
The end~ I love your comic! and I love that I finded your original page of deviantart [the first time i saw a little page of your comic was on facebook, then I finded a comicdub on youtube and the girl who made the comicdub let your links on the description so I could find you! :'D So happy for read the description XD]
Well so~ I'm the type of reader that never comment anything XD but I want to let one this time just because I promissed myself to do it the next time you update the comic so~ Yes! that's it!. I guess~
I love so much your comic!♥ I can't wait to see witch "route" MC will choose! +u+

[Sorry for my bad English :c]
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They all look so dashing in their own way that corresponds to their personality. ^^
But let's talk about the real cutie here, Elizabeth-!ψ(`∇´)ψ(๑・v・๑)
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Omg this is so amazing!! They all look so cute. I love your art style so much!! Can't wait to see what you have in store.
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