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MC Day One Pg 9 Mystic Messenger

By MariStoryArt
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Fan Comics Update on Mondays!

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Beginning of Prologue: MC Prologue Pg 01 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic
Beginning of Day 01:…

~ Mari
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Skelmirsdottir's avatar

Waaaaaa this is so awesome!!! Even if I'm like 3 years late to the party ^^

nicknitti000's avatar

Are you going to continue? Cuz i love ur work ^^

Like the plot T~T
seastarbrony's avatar
This sooooo cool !!
Losty1019's avatar
Honesty love this comic so far!!Keep up the amazing work
SushiRollol's avatar
This is actually a pretty good comic~! Keep up the good work, Merry Christmas and a Happy new year ~!!!
TuxSonic's avatar
Wow! I can't WAIT until the next update!! :D
MeteoricKnave7's avatar
skksksk im hyped for the next page!!
henrelen's avatar
Whoa I love this!!! So cool!!!
NenoGold's avatar
you're amazingggg
Halo-itz-ariel's avatar
Can u show me how to edit things 
well I can edit a little. but I am still wanting to learn what app to use and how to draw on iPad or mostly anything 
Halo-itz-ariel's avatar
Ow is it really over it was getting so good
White-Wolf-13's avatar
Hey, in the main story, who did you end up with in the end?
Lunaria3's avatar
please make it a zen route
0AnimeFreak1's avatar
*looks at V* That's a weird way to hold a phone.
MizumiKahago's avatar
your artstyle is pretty cool~
i enjoyed reading that comic and i look forwards to more pages :3

u got my watch/follow~ xD
TopHatBigPencil's avatar
isn't it "You also need to book the venue" instead of vanue?
PS. so excited. ^,^
CuteAngels's avatar
OH NO HES HOTPearl Emote 2 
Crystal-Skylar's avatar
GOD i love your art style and comics! Keep doing what cha doing!
roguebaby's avatar
this is so good I need more T_T
nastories's avatar
Found this comic and the miraculous one in the same night. Read them both to where they are right now. You have an hypnotic effect on me.
SaraM9102003's avatar
OMG your story is the best thing I've ever seen in my life, the drawings are so adorable, th colors, the story, everything is perfect.
I will be dying till the next page *-*
I am in love *-*
CMKSSC's avatar
OopsIDrowned's avatar
Aaa !
I love your art style! After reading this, I want to go and finish up Yoosung's route !
His route is the only one I haven't finished yet, ahah ^^ ;;
I'm very interested in how you're using the other MC designs, as well !!
I've never seen a comic strip incorporate the other MC designs like you do!
I'll stop there with my flow of words, I don't want to write a full on novel or anything, but I really like this aaa!
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