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MC Day One Pg 7 Mystic Messenger

By MariStoryArt
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When i got that message I was laughing so hard though

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The bad thing is that would be my reaction, cup my boob in public Mc Emoticon 
SpadesWarrior's avatar
If I was her I would punch 707 through that dang app 
Anime-Akuma's avatar
My phone is usually silenced so I'd be giving them all heart attacks by going out and... y'know... not being drawn to my phone constantly. xD
PatchedUpArtist's avatar
Hey at least MC has a chest.
CMKSSC's avatar
*opens mouth*
*closes it*
Teshyno's avatar
Wait a sec... I thought she knew about Mystic Messenger? Why is she acting like she does not know what is going to happen?
MariStoryArt's avatar
The story's been rebooted. That was an old idea that had and I threw it away. This comic's beginning is different now. Read from page 1 ^^ thank you
IcyFireReaper's avatar
oh god she said it out loud and grab her boobs in public
CuteMeetsPaper's avatar
I never grab my boobs in public hahahaha XD
YoukoUzumaki-chan's avatar
mc looking so cute xDD <3
BananasAreYum's avatar
Yes just aggressively grab your boob in public. 

I've been wondering, who will be MC's future in this story? Since, supposedly, your only writing one playthrough, you'll have to choose one (which you know of course why am I explaining this). I wanna take bets with the other people here!

Who do you guys think she'll end up with?
PizzaQueenChica's avatar
I'm guessing Zen because you have to say my lovely Zen for his route but I want it to be 707....
YoukoUzumaki-chan's avatar

Hmm  ....  This is really a good question Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] 
CuteMeetsPaper's avatar
im guessing 707, since he loves her in all routes :D
itsudatte18's avatar
soooo I just started reading this and it was sooo nice... looking forward to more chapters! keep up the good work ^^
Saelaria's avatar
MC is adorable with the cup size reaction ^_^
SofiaMyth's avatar
oh no. That will/must be embarassing
Naoko90's avatar
XD OMG ! It's si good ! I'm always so happy to see a new update of your Mystic Messenger's webcomic ! And it's always so great ! Love it !

So the cup size it's the breast's size... Interesting XD
BananasAreYum's avatar
You didn't know what cup size meant?
Naoko90's avatar
No, I didn't ^^" (I'm not an english speaker)
SkullCroos's avatar
Hahahahaha XD ^ w^ this is adorable ! well done ^^ keep the good work
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