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I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet
Yes, I believe there is a difference. 

I just wanted to make this for all the artists out there and for myself who have experienced a situation where we were asked if we take requests (and I'm not talking about just once or twice). I believe there is a difference between a request and a commission. Commission is when you pay the artist for the work and request is something you get for FREE (no payment, no art trade, no barter item, no DA points, nothing in return for the artist). 

It's flattering when people like our work and when they ask us to draw something for them, but at the same time it's pretty rude and annoying when random people pop up at our pages and ask if we take requests without considering any of the time or effort we put in. Most of the time they demand it for free and just expect us to do it, and when we decline they get pissy and out of shape. Wouldn't you feel like "Wait... I don't even know you and you just want me to do this, with nothing in return?".

It's not that artists are being mean or stingy for not taking requests. There are millions of artists out there whose profession is art. Art is their job; art is my job. Artists aren't machines that does work for free all the time. Some artists have regular jobs (along with their own lives and responsibilities that they need to take care of), so they might not have the time to draw for others (some might not have the time to draw for themselves). Some artists are self-employed that run their own businesses (freelance artists, independent artists) and their primary source of income may be from contract work and commissions. Before you get pissy and whiny, put yourselves in those artists' positions and ask yourselves how you would feel if you were in the same situation. Artists got lives and they have to eat, just like you.

Majority of the time, a lot of the people that ask artists for requests never leave any comments on their work, :+fav: their work, or bother watching them; they just show up out of the blue. More importantly, they are COMPLETE STRANGERS, not their close friend, family member, or active watchers that show the artists support... how would you feel when some random stranger walks up to you and asks you to make them something and then demand it for free? I'm sure you'll be bothered to some degree. So please respect artists. :please: Thank you.

I'm NOT entirely against requests. Sometimes taking requests, giving gift art, drawing something for people for fun (not for commission, business, or profit... just solely for fun) is nice. More importantly it's FUN! I wouldn't mind taking requests once in a while for a close friend, active watchers, or doing a random giveaway. However when people just expects artists to do it like it's effortless and don't consider the time and hard work they put in, it gets extremely annoying, especially when random strangers just show up with a demanding attitude (with no hello, or no politeness). Unfortunately most of the time they're pretty rude and bold, so it feels like: "Why are you expecting me to do this? I don't even know you. :slump: "

*Please feel free to use this in your journal or put it in your stamp collection. I'd very much appreciate it if you :+fav: first. :)

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November 7, 2009
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