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Shiba Tsukimi

"My life, my soul for the Phoenix." - Shiba Tsukimi

Phoenix clan champion. She is a powerful strong woman, mature and yet still beautiful. She has powerful presence, matched by her skill at combat. She dreams of a world of peace, where the trivial bloodshed of the samurai is ended, yet until that day comes, she will lead the Phoenix to enforce peace where it does not exist.


An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Legend of the Five Rings and Shiba Tsukimi copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.


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This is quite possibly the most stunning piece of artwork I have come across thus far on this website.

The level of detail is mind-blowing. Looking at it from a distance, I thought it was a photo on first glance. Her face is beautiful, her hair radiant, but what really sets this masterpiece apart from so many other pictures of beautiful girls on this website is the intricate and realistic detail in her clothing and armour, from the threads on her chest plate, to the golden decorative patterns on her arms, consistent even within the folds of her robes.

I find it difficult to pick any faults with this work of art. If I was being extremely pedantic, it seems as if the armoured scales on the right hand side look a bit larger than those on the left, but that doesn't detract from a work of devastating beauty.
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I could not help but be mesmerized by the way everything falls into place in this piece of art work. The setting of the sun behind her makes you feel the sense of victory not to mention the way she tilts her head back and the way her hair dances with the wind. The leaves also adds a very nice touch. But what caught my attention is her eyes, I cannot help but stare at them, as well as the background. The colors are mixed and blended perfectly, not a shade out of place and is made into a beautiful scenery.
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Its overall bloody amazing. great job on the ambience and background, the leaves in foreground really place everything nicely in space. it seems a little confused in the background just above your signature and logo with the cloak and flags overlapping with transperency, but really that could also just add to the really cool sense of movement. She stands tall amongst the blur and flurry of an army, noice! Would her upraised elbow catch a bit more sun colored halo on the extreme edge.?? maybe a tad more highlight and or saturation on chin to bring it forward a bit, and what about the little line on her septum (bit of nose between nostrils) seems to separate rather than connect. FEELS WEIRD CRITIQUING SUCH AWESOME and accomplished WORK, so much better than i could do!!!!!! wow!
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would you be willing to sell one of your pieces for a fantasy book cover? 
Sending a PM instead
"Loreal - Because I'm worth it" :) Absolutely friggin' AWESOME!!
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This is fantastic! Nice job! :iconba-kyunplz:
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I love this picture so very much. It is the perfect representation of the Phoenix Clan. Bright, Regal, Commanding, Graceful, Beautiful, and Brilliant. The quote is also appropriate. 
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You are so talented!!!>3< *squeals*
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Wondferful, great work
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Finally...realistic armor!
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Magnificent work, good colors... nice style...
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That is very impressive. So much detail and true to life facial features. Beautiful.
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Holy crud this is amazing.
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the only thing i can say is HELLA SWEET!!!!!!!!!
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Man... Man... Thank you.
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I've actualy seen this picture many times now but I always have to stop and stare for a moment, no matter how many times or how soon since the last ime I aw it.
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This is sooo awesome
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Hello, I've given this piece a Feature over here -> [link]
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