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"We know who we are" - Shahai

Seiatsu, a katana that wields the power of the ancient spirits is now wield by the Dark Daughter of Fu Leng. This powerful weapon serves as the temptation item for the Spider Clan.

Trivia: For those who wonders who this person is, it was stated as Shahai in the official brieffing.


An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Legend of the Five Rings and Seiatsu copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.


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Check out my gallery, the girl is 15

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brilliant! :clap:

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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(Drip) (Drip)

You hear the faint sound of liquid dropping along the ground behind you. A sharp sniff of the air reveals it to be blood. The air quickly thickens and the atmosphere about you tenses as if you are slowly being strangled by an invisible cord of wire. You then sense a presence near you; faint yes, but it is definitely within the room. Immediately you turn toward the source of all the tension. Standing a few feet before you stands a beautiful woman. Her porcelain skin perfectly reflecting the light surrounding her. Her velvet lips sparkle before you as her razor sharp eyes meet yours in an almost death-locked gaze. Her silken clothing has been motif-ed with a pattern of spiderwebs, forever entwined upon its surface. Her hand bleeds rather freely with a shallow but long wound along the palm.

Upon her chest is the distinctive appearance of smeared blood from her hand. What remains clutched in her other hand is what truly garters your attention. It is none other than the Seiatsu, the blade of temptation for the Spider Clan. Therefore the woman currently wielding it is none other than the Dark Daughter of Fu Leng, and now this simple stare down will soon become a full on battle. Drenched in blood near its hilt, it is clear that this woman has no fear of pain or blood and will kill you in an instant if given the opportunity. Be sure she will not be granted such a chance.Seiatsu, created by *raynkazuya, shows us a very atmospheric piece, perfectly shrouding itself with a deep and detailed design style that never fails to brings the viewers attention to the piece.
I have to say that this is truly rather realistic design style, especially for this character. From the individualized eyelashes drawn to the skin creases where her knuckle bones are, there is really a lot of detailing to view before you. The textile designs upon her garb really shows what dedication as well as attention to detail that this artist possess. The gleam from the katana's hilt shares an excellent source of lighting and reflectivity, doing a great job of emulating the material within the piece.

The composition in itself is solid, creating a solitary and tense atmosphere as if danger itself is merely a slight distance away. One can almost her the solemn dripping of blood as it falls from the blade of the katana, as if the blade is the mouth of a predator marveling after drawing first blood from its prey. The woman's eye's It almost resembles of photographic portrait, especially when it appears in such a tense and dramatic light.

However, as much as the dramatic tension and design composition is on this piece, there are still a few things that could be done to make it that much better. For one thing, I admire your use of minuscule detailing on the female subject, however you could use a bit more detailing on the rest of her body. Small wrinkles on her cheeks and even around her eyes can better simulate that much more refinement in your artistic design style. You could even try to add in small beads of sweat on her body to better simulate the ample amounts of tension one would feel in a combat situation. Maybe you could even add very slight blemishes to her skin tone to give it a more realistic look to it.

Also, since she is clearly the primary subject of the image, perhaps garnishing the scenery with a depth-of-field effect to add that much more attention to her. Unless you wish to add a bit more detailing to the background itself, which could achieve a more balancing effect. All of these suggestions can really make your image stand out from the others and blossom into something that may even transcend what you though you ever could achieve.

Standing before any battle can make one tense with dread and thoughts of 'what if.' To capture such tension and dread in a drawing truly takes quite a bit of skill and talent. Seiatsu proves to us that such an event can be not only captured but it can also be given such detail and beauty that it does much more than engross. It can easily entice and forever hold a place in our minds as something truly outstanding. Good work! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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too much cocky trash but a beautiful face 
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damn remind me not to piss an aisan girl that wields a sward 
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I love how photo realistic this is. It's almost as if I can step into her world.
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background pictures Fiction - Nice
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this is truly art! <3
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Hold up, IS THE PERSON A PICTURE OR A DRAWING? It looks great!
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Great picture,especially for Halloween.  I haven't played the L5R RPG in a long time and I played the CCG, so I'm unfamiliar with the character or the Spider Clan, but she looks spooky.  The idea, of a katana that becomes imbued with the angry spirits of its' former wielders and can drive its' current wielder insane, is particularly frightening for me.
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great use of blood
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Those round things.. Ah yes.
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Her boobs are open once more
You know that she a whor-
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Love the details on this one :D
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