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Royal Rose Princess

Name : Reona Van
Nick Name : Reo / Royal Rose Princess
Ethnicity : Dutch, Chinese
Nationality : Dutch
Age : 21
Birth : 8th January, Amsterdam - North Holland
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Blood type : A
Interest : Chinese martial art and asian ethnic culture
Height : 5' 4" / 1.63 m
Weight : 52 kg
Like : Exotic weapons and red rose
Dislike : Misbehaved manner
Occupation : Model & Actress

About Reo
Born with Dutch ancestry from her dad and her mother is a Chinese royal descendant.

Studied several girls with mixed ethnicity for references, mostly from portraits of Kristin Kreuk (Dutch / Chinese) and Tomiko Van (Dutch / Japanese).

Photoshop CS2, Masked Vector Painting, Mouse, 40 hours.

Update Notes
Color retouch, fixed the eyes and hair.
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Your work is featured in "THE RED EDITION 2014 - PART I" - I hope you like it!
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wow! she looks like Kristin Kreuk =)
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love the pose and the patterns on the clothing.

i remember i wore something similar to that a few years ago at a gigantic family party, albeit a bit less revealing and without the under layer of satin(?) and maybe a bit more Chinese-ified with the cloth buttons from the top of left collar down to upper right thigh where it opens and flares out.
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She is beautiful!!
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Thanks for share, it's really beautiful :x
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It's absolutely perfect in my opinion, some of the best work I've ever seen.
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wow u r alrady in my watchlist and i didn.t saw this ,u r awsome
this is fucking awesome
I always wonder how to made it,,
love it! ^^
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Wow! Wonderfull! =D
That's one pretty and perky princess. Delightful outfit for a girl to steal out of the palace in and then become somewhat dismayed that she must fight for her honor from ruffians. Of course she has been taught swordsmanship by the best warriors her father could find, so dispatching fellows who make lewd remarks or advances isn't that difficult. Sooner or later though, someone is going to tell a master villain or villainess about her and then our delectable young blue blood will probably need the help of 1. A handsome rogue who will be revealed, in the end, as the second son of a great family or 2. A crusty, cranky old dude who will know a heck of a lot of magic for someone who looks like something the cat dragged in and will become a most reluctant mentor and guardian. He also will have a nifty secret. Boy, your wonderful work has inspired a lot of words this morning.
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I'm blown out by her beauty. She looks like real. Great job
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one of the loveliest painting i've seen this week...groovy digital art
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Lovely artwork.
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amazing.. very amazing work. :clap:
Je dis en français car j'ai du mal en anglais désoler >_< Si jamais vous ne comprenez pas j'essayerais de m'exprimer en anglais.

Il y a un très beau travail =O
Mais je trouve que le visage fait un peux peur =X Je trouve que son visage est fixe.
Euh c'est pas à prendre mal hein T_T Je suis pas aussi douée et je respecte votre travail que j'aime beaucoup !
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uu..uu yeeeaaah!! keren abis!! :wow:
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hey there!! i was just wondering iif i could use this as a subject/reference? it really caught my's really stunning! inspired me to draw.. =D

i hope to hear from you soon! much thanks! :tighthug: :heart: :blowkiss:
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oh cool! it's nice hearing start on it sooooon! =D

:worship: keep up the nice works =D
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excellent detail and colors
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absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
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I really love this one and her birthday is the same as me.
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oh wow! oh wow!
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