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Isawa Koiso



"Fire speaks to me. What will it say to you?" - Isawa Koiso

The new Master of Fire from Phoenix Clan. Isawa Koiso is terribly powerful and utterly insane in the same time, a very complex combo for such a gorgeous psycho. She would immolate her own allies in an instant if that what it takes to incinerate her enemies. She is emotionally dead and fire is her only connection to warmth in the world, truly the ultimate pyromaniac.

Trivia: The man that is being burnt into crisp is her own yojimbo / bodyguard. She thinks he is hot... literally :P



An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Legend of the Five Rings and Isawa Koiso copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.


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My goodness you've outdone yourself. The details on that kimono and the flames are wonderfully done. The only problem I have is your shadows, and maybe how small the hands are (but i know people with tiny hands). Considering how bright the fire is, I would expect the lower back area to be darker, same for some parts of her back and hair, where it almost looks like they're reflecting light from the viewer's POV. I love how you added the lights from the night/windows though, not to mention that almost sultry look she has through both expression and pose.

I hope you keep drawing these beautiful pieces forever! <3