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Hand of the Jade Dragon

"I swear to be a beacon of honor, that all will desire to live by Bushido." - Matsu Benika

The hand of the Jade Dragon is a unique gift bestowed to Matsu Benika given by Voice of the Jade Sun. Powerful almost beyond comprehension, this gift will prove to be an incredible asset for the clan whose hero carries it onto the field of battle.


An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Legend of the Five Rings and Hand of the Jade Dragon copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.


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:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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First off, I'm not a professional art critic, I'm not even an artist. I just love looking at beautiful art and happen to have an opinion.

I like this version much more than the one on your website. The gold background really makes the viewer focus on the warrior.

I love her hair and eyes. In fact it was the first thing that drew me to the picture. The detail in the eyes is amazing. She looks like she's staring at you, calmly, assuredly. Her hair frames her face and body perfectly.

I love the emerald green colour blend of her armour but I'm disappointed that it's not as detailed as Shiba Tsukimi.

Also her armour doesn't seem to allow for her breasts, giving the impression that she's flat in that area. On Shiba Tsukimi, it looks natural because she looks younger. Please note I'm not encouraging powergirl boobs, I'm just suggesting a little give in the armour in that region for this drawing.

I've also noticed her arm length from her right shoulder to her elbow doesn't look long enough. This and the lack of armour curve are not immediately visible, it's only after staring at the drawing for a while that I noticed them.

Lastly, this reminds me of a Luis Royo drawing from his Secrets collection. I'm using it for my avatar.

I'd like to encourage you to continue your work. In my humble opinion, the quality of your work is right up there, definitely among the best I've seen.

There are too few good artists that portray warrior women with more than 3 triangles of clothing on (not standing in ridiculous postures) and even fewer that draw Asian warrior women. I know, I've looked. So I look forward to seeing more from you.

I wish you all the best.
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Beautiful and fantastic
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Beautiful and original work !
randychen's avatar
suziegon's avatar
Oh my goodness. O_O This is the first thing of yours I've seen and it's absolutely stunning! I can't take my eyes off it! You've done a fantastic job!
GagaP85's avatar
absolutely fantastic ^^
Carneliana's avatar
i like your work
Trisaw1's avatar
Your art is indeed incredible and amazingly proportional with complex fashion, colors, and lighting.
halcyonshores's avatar
Your works are Incredible. :thumbsup:
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I found your work somewhere - i don't remember where - and I used it to illustrate one of my stories - with not money gains, of course, just for a blog.
I'm sorry to having done this without your permision - the link of your gallery was been erased - but... would you let me use it ? It's a very wonderful work, and I would be honored to use it to illustrate one of my story, in the net..
But if you don't wan't, I would use other pictures... And if I could, I would asked your permission first..
But please, please, tell me you agree to let me use it T.T I would be so, so happy ! Of course, I'll put a link to your gallery !

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french...
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A beautiful piece!
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Hm... I was looking at this (again, for like the xxxth time), and I only just realized that it's different from the one on your website... Personally, I actually like the version you have on your website better. I think her aura is more...pressing (?) in the other one. Also, her seriousness is easily felt in website version. Here, I don't really sense that kind of countenance...

^Sorry if I sound really........ I'm not trying to criticize or anything, but I really like the other one better. (;
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Incredibly expressive work. Love it!
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This is so gorgeous! I love her expression<3
Lone-n-Bitter-Ro's avatar
I swear I love this one so much!! She looks so much like someone I know, but as a badass samurai! lol
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Aku tidak bisa berkata apa2, kecuali mengaguminya
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This is awesome work Raynkazuya. I love the colors. Keep up the excellent work.
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Looks Really Good!
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