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Fallen Angel Flonne

^___^ It's the cute angle Flonne from Disgaea


Flonne & Disgaea © Nippon Ichi Software

Art Print can be purchased by sending enquiry to or via online shop at
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© 2007 - 2021 MarioWibisono
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Rayapkota's avatar
nice dood! keren gambarnya mas bro
dondukesofdeviantart's avatar
Sexy from head to toe and all over...Bad, bad girl...I would say she deserves a spanking but I might have my hands and paddle burned off...Jokes aside, beautiful girl...Love the red spike pumps, heart shaped devil's tail, and her legs that go on for days...Like the simple way you have her hair blown back...Almost resembles Lilli from Tekken seeing as how she would rock crazy clothes like these and still look attractive enough to win all the boys over...Beautiful glowing star in the background too...All is fabulous in the artwork...Keep it up!
KairiHasegawa's avatar
she really looks like FF :D awesomeeeeee
zzzcomics's avatar
Amazing! Etna would be soo jealous, any chance of one of her? ;)
linaxu836's avatar
hope you do tutorials
WickedPrince's avatar
Totally cute. I didn't notice the heart on her tail-tip before. :)
creative-cheese's avatar
Imagine what Laharl would think of this XD

Very nice adaptation!
RainElizabeth07137's avatar
omg YOU'RE the one who made this??? this is my favorite picture ever of Flonne!!!!! you're work is absolutely stunning =^_^=
Kaito-Tan's avatar
she somehow reminds me of lili from tekken ♥ my love LOL
lenmutt's avatar
Aww Flonne she looks really beautiful. Excellent work, I really like the way you did her hair.

umm so are you gonna draw Etna? just curious
sam25l91's avatar
i love the background and the shoes!
DeutschSul's avatar
I like her!
You are very good =)
Nightmare495's avatar
do u do all your coloring with the mouse? cause im using photoshop n it hard to color like the one u did
Gigabytus's avatar
This is probably the 20 years older Flonne....
Laharl: Flonne, is that you?
Flonne(same high voice): LAHARL-SAN!
really nice but.............yyeeaahh...a bit ummmm unflonne like?
crashnburnett's avatar
:D Love that game. Planning to do any other characters from the game?
ultimgoldsoul's avatar
Nice artwork! but, how flonne turn realistic design? DOOD!:winner::clap:
For the first time ever I finally think Flonne looks good, Thank you

If you would do Rozalin as a request I would be most grateful
leonwoon's avatar
Hahaha, THE most Epic Disgaea artwork ever!

I can't wait for Etna, should you decide to make one of her. XD
pangjunmin's avatar
WHAT??? i'm playing disgea ds right now... she becomes dark-ish??
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