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March 29, 2010
" The vibrant colors, intricate details and the way the image seems to ooze "danger" is amazing. " -Arctic-Affinity

Delirium by *raynkazuya
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Arctic-Affinity
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To your eyes, my beauty is a colorful candy in the grey dessert.
To your heart, my grace is a love that you are longing for.
Come close to me, you would soon know that I am not just a dream.

You whisper to my ear, I am the priceless jewel that you would like to keep forever.
You kiss me like a drop of ale, soothing the dreaded thirsts of your soul.
Embrace me, you would soon know that I am more precious than anything you ever have.

Let your heart desire me, it tells you no lies.
Feel these last delight, it gives you no regret.
For when this trance of delirium ends, you would soon know I am the collector of your soul.


Shea'Rin is an exotic blade dancer, a private performer for His Majesty the King of Ba'er Haerun. It is said that no men can resist her charm as she is the most perfect creation a god has ever made. Her beauty is beyond words. Her pair of aquamarine eyes sooth every heart of man that lays eyes upon hers. Each of her moves is so graceful that it allures every man into their deepest imagination of her. Like a whisper of delirium, the present of Shea'Rin casts the sanity out of any man that is watching her.

Shea'Rin is an exceptional performer, but no man other than His Majesty the King of Ba'Er Haerun himself has the privilege to see her dancing. To the King, she is priceless, valuable more than thousand jewels and gold, a trophy that he would not share with other. Thus, the stories of Shea'Rin becomes tales, spoken among all men that could only dream to see her performing the enchanting dance, as somehow no man has ever succeed to see the forbidden dance.

The tales of Shea'Rin travel far, reaching the Damarian Wasteland at the farthest South of the Ba'er Haerun. The vast badlands has become a perfect hideout for a band of desert raiders that called Shu'har. This group of four hundred vile criminals is lead by Uzhaku Rahaban, a ruthless and cunning barbarian. His greed of wealth and psychotic obsession for beautiful maidens has brought endless terrors to Ba'Er Haerun. Imperial troops have never succeeded to put an end to their reign of terror as they're cunningly strikes only at night and hide themselves at the wasteland when the morning comes. For years, Uzhaku and his men had killed more than thousands of villagers, rampaging their treasures, and abducting hundreds of maiden, forcing those young woman to fulfill those barbarian's ill desire. Mercy never crossed their black hearts as they would slay the maidens when they are no longer satisfying.

The tale of Shea'Rin at Uzaku's ears has made him overwhelmed by ecstasy, he dreams of having the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom to serve him. So in the next full month, Uzhaku orders all of his men to abduct as many maidens as they can from the kingdom and demand that the King’s hand over his most beloved dancer in exchange for the release of one hundred maidens that are currently in Shu'har's possession. Otherwise, he will kill all those maidens and kidnapped a hundred more until the King fulfilled his demand.

Knowing how dreadful this issue is, Shea'Rin herself asked the king to submit to the raiders' demand. On the next morning, a couple of raiders take her away to meet Uzhaku. After a day walk in the heat of the desert, she arrives at the present of the barbarian leader. At the moment Uzhaku laid his eyes upon the beautiful dancer, he is overjoyed by her exquisite look and charm. He had been told about the beauty of Shea'Rin, but what he sees at the moment is far beyond what he had imagined. Uzhaku instantly fell in love with Shea'Rin. He commands the beautiful dancer to strip off her clothes and blades, Shea'Rin complies to the wish of Uzhaku without hesitation but she insists that she would need the blades in order to perform her dance. Uzhaku is about to hesitate, but he was too arrogance, a girl with a few blades will surely be harmless in front of four hundred armed men, so he let her to keep her blades.

Uzhaku's men lit fire torches in circle, preparing the stage for the dancer's performance. With the blades in her hands, Shea'Rin performs what Uzhaku and all of his men have been waiting for. That dawn, all of the raiders are thrilled with joy and ectasy as Shea'Rin dances beautifully, so graceful and mesmerizing. Her blades dance around as they are having their own lives, flowing in harmony with her every move. It makes all eyes of men stare without a single blink, dragging their mind out of their bodies, and bringing all men to frenzy with the excitement.

But unknown to Uzhaku and his men, Shea'Rin is not just an ordinary blade dancer. She is the imperial most elite assassin, a specialist in killing male objectives. The reason that no men was ever allowed to see her dance was not because she is the King's private dancer, instead she had slain all men that ever had the chance to see her dancing. The exotic dance itself is her method of assassination, to draw her victims in delirium and rendering them vulnerable for her to kill.

Having every of her audiences fallen in delirium, her dancing suddenly become lethal. Her blades cut off Uzaku's head, dropping it to the ground. Uzhaku was the first one to be sleeping in hell that night, followed almost instantly by all of his men as the blades keep swinging with her dancing, cutting off more heads and limbs from their bodies. She strikes so fast that no men have ever realized they have been killed by her blades. At the end of dawn, Shea'Rin finished her dancing and slain every one of the four hundred raiders. The Shu'har's years of terror ends in a single night with a sole delirium.


Shea'Rin carries an armament of 4 blades - Pain, Pride, Grace and Glory.
Pain and Pride is a pair of blades made by Japanese master blacksmith, Taketzu Hanzo. These two blades are made especially for Shea'Rin. Pain ('Kutsuu') is a zweihander, a type of two handed sword, but its weight is light enough to be held by one hand. This large blade is made to inflict as many pain to its victim instantly kill the target in agony if not killed instantly by the wound it caused.
Pride ('Hokori') is a kodachi, a blade shorter than katana but longer than wakizashi. This blade is made to match with the wielder's height as length of the blade will virtually give no blind spot when used in defense. Easy to say Pride is her impenetrable shield. As a blade dancer, Shea'Rin must keep her armor light to be able to perform her dancing, so she must rely on her blades as her defense. Pride provides very exceptional usage is parrying all incoming attacks.

Grace and Glory are twin long swords, imperial sacred blades that Shea'Rin received from His Majesty the King of Ba'er Haerun for her service to the kingdom. These beautifully crafted blades are also a symbol of the highest imperial enforcer authority, as these blades can only be wield by the most skilled fighter of the Kingdom of Ba'er Haerun. These twin blades are very light and harmonious, making the wielder to be able to flawlessly attacking and parrying at the same time.

All of Shea'Rin's blades are coated with a special poison. This intoxicating potion itself is not lethal and smells like a lovely perfume, but it instantly renders male nerves to temporary dysfunction, much like the effect of a sleeping drug. This is also why she will never draw her blades unless she is going to assassinate her targets.


Only females are qualified for the profession of imperial blade dancer. These elite level fighters have the highest swords skill of all fighter classes and they can move incredibly fast to strike their foes down. These Middle Eastern fighters are famous with their swordplay that resembles beautiful dancing but are extremely lethal. They are very agile, moving with grace and skill while slaying their foes down.

The strength of a blade dancer is quite impressive although may not as powerful as Barbarian or Gladiator class. Blade dancers are lightly armored fighters, thus giving them very little protection. They compensate their lack of armor with high agility and excellent parrying skill. It is almost impossible to defeat a blade dancer in one on one fight. Blade dancers usually carry more than one sword, as they excel in fighting with dual swords.

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