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Daidoji Akeha

"Surely Kikaze's daughter will improve the luck of the Crane." - Doji Takara

After Daidoji Kikaze's death in the destroyer war, Akeha took the position of her father as Daidoji Daimyo of the Crane Clan, commanding the Iron Crane with admirable leadership.

Her eyes are of different colors, her left eye is piercing blue, while her right eyes is emerald green.


An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Legend of the Five Rings and Daidoji Akeha copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.


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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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I have this card, let me say first fantastic work. From and artist and Fan Opinons she truly represents the crane perfectly the deadly beauty and calm. I also love the warm colors in the background and cool in the front this deviation from the norm i something i do quite often and i find its distinct look creates a since of serenity in the subject while chaos in the world turns. You get the feeling that this is truly a moment captured in time frozen a second so we may all take in the enormity and weight of the situation like kami's stopped time for us. The only seen fault in my opinion is the disappearance of the katana's tale end. otherwise stunning as the rest of your art truly keep it up, if nothing else the artist fans truly appreciate the beauty you bring to the game.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Everything said is in MY OPINION AND MINE ONLY!

The colors are wonderful. The sunrise in the background really making it seem like she and her warriors are truly ready for battle. Even the details in her warriors faces show a sense of determination, and since they are more than likely not supposed to be the main focus of this picture, the fact that when you look at them, you can even slightly see the respect they feel for the girl in their features.

Her outfit is divine, her hair is exquisite, and the differently colored eyes just add more of a unique feeling to this woman. There are only two things about this image that caught my eye for mentioning...

First: Her Katana... Either it is very short or bends strangely because it honestly looks like it cuts off... I keep looking at the coat (Or whatever it's called), and I assume you wanted it to look like the coat was blocking the rest of it, but the measurements don't seem to perfectly add up. Even if the katana had a slight curve, like most do, the position of the coat wouldn't have blocked it completely.

The other thing, and as I said before this is all my OWN opinion, but... I don't really understand the pose. If she was walking, I don't think her arm would be that high. If she was throwing the pike, I don't believe her hand and arm would be positioned that way. If she were throwing the pike, she'd more than likely have it above her head?

And also, when it comes to the pose again... In a way, it looks like someone might have just called out her name and she is looking back towards them, but the way her head is turned, her body is slightly... well off. If someone calls your name and you're looking over your right shirt to look at them, usually your body would turn that direction with it, but in this picture, she's doing the opposite.

I really just don't get the pose... It kind of confuses me. I hope my critique was fair in your eyes! You have no idea how much of a fan I am of your work! Before I really knew about Deviantart, or how to find you, I constantly found the wonderful pictures you have made and did my best to hunt you down! Lol. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BLESS US WITH MORE OF YOUR OUTSTANDING ARTWORK!!!
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She's simply posing for a battle scene photoshoot....anything wrong with that?
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LOL,I think shes about to throw that spear-like weapon
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The kantana for me is neither here nor there. I think the kantana blade would show a little but it doesn't really affect the picture for me
The colours blend and complement beautifully. The background produces good depth to bring forth the subject completely.
The position....SerenityVerdant has stumbled upon a good point. I tried to stand like this and boy am i stretched out of wack! LOL BUT again as a 'fantasy' subject she may be able to hyper extend her shoulders and back XD and honestly, i didn't think anything about her stance until it was pointed out :)
Her hair is just wonderful. it flows brilliantly and maintains alot of detail.
I think it is a well rounded picture that captures the viewer and brings sense of strength and beauty.
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Thank you for the critique SerenityVerdant. Really appreciate it : )
Answering the question about pose, she is on higher ground as her ability is scouting, and giving commands for the troops to either stay in position or to start moving. The katana is a curve sword, I've positioned the saya correctly with her obi, but I could just be wrong.
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You're not wrong. I personally see no problem with the katana, it is in a position to perfectly be hidden by the coat, as traditional katana are sheathed blade-up and the curve would be downward. Also, I think the pose is fine, having several years training in martial arts, I can attest that this pose is not awkward if she were coming out of a pivoting spin or in a defensive stance where the backside of the body more faces the danger than the vulnerable chest.
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I'm getting this KOEI / Tecmo KOIE vibe from this. XD The way she is posed, with the setting of the background behind her, makes me feel like i could see this moment in the middle of a cutscene in a Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors game. Probably Samurai warriors considering the soldiers behind her. 

This is a spectacular job. You know you do great work when your picture looks equal to the resoution and detail of the life-like animations of cutscenes in one of those games. :D
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Stunning, great work !
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the pose is perfect and the armour is so accurate in detail, I love it.
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This is amazing!! I love that she is still badass and kinda hot (and I'm straight!) and she isn't half naked!! Amazing work I love this!!
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Your L5R art is sublime!
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Wow!Beautiful!Her face is perfect!;-)
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Love the contrast between the warm colors and the cool colors keep up the wonder full work!Clap 
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Very nicely done.
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I absolutely love the color choices! That, combined with the snow, gives it that cliche "fire and ice" motif, but I think since that since it's such a fresh take on it it passes as beyond cliche (in a positive way). I've seen so many people take any cliche and make something old and boring, by trying too hard. It's quite rare to find someone take an old cliche and make it new again, without  even trying (or at least not making it painfully obvious that they were). So kudos to you, for making something creative, fresh, and enjoyable out of the ashes, so to speak (no pun intended).
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wow... this is amazing!
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*O* wouaw very beautiful !!
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i LOVE her face! pls don't take this in a weird way.
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