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Blood Stain Child 'Epsilon'

Cover art for Blood Stain Child fifth album, 'Epsilon'.

Blood Stain Child is a Japanese electronic melodic death metal band. The band's musical style combines modern melodic death metal with electro-industrial and trance or as they call it 'hybrid metal trance'.

For those strong and loud music lover, Blood Stain Child is really one of the best, plus with a very gorgeous vocalist, it's super awesome.

For those who wants to know more about Blood Stain Child, you can visit these links below:
Blood Stain Child - Official website
Blood Stain Child - Facebook page
Blood Stain Child - Wikipedia page
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♥ this is great. I wish there was a bigger resolution available though. :c I'd love to have this as my desktop wallpaper
I found this band just yesterday but can't stop listening to all the songs. 
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fuck linkin park this is 1000% better best metal what i was listen Headbang! realy awesome electric beats mixed with death metal this so epic i like that
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One of my favorite Melodic Death Metal bands today! Thank you for creating the album artwork that very much fits the feel of the music and makes it more valuable!
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Stunning work.
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Elle est splendide
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Nice Work!
It's Pretty Hard To Find The Guy Who Made The Art For Your Favorite Album.
nakirareneetaisho's avatar
Still in shock that I found the amazing artist of this piece....Been hunting since I bought the album shortly after the release....
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Saw your art in this vid [link] little over an hour ago. Love the song, love the art; everything was just awesomeness.

Regarding the cover, was a little curious as to what her full outfit looks like. The Lightning (FF13) question did cross my mind, but I thought her outfit'd be something more like Rei Ayanami's plug suit.
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I love the album but it's the cover that completely won me over, it's so amazing!
EszmerreldaSereais's avatar
Me: Wait.... Is that Lightning from Final Fantisy 13?
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This album cover persuaded me to actually listen to the band.
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Wonderful as always.
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Reminds me of Lightning from FFXIII! Very nice, I'll definitely give the band a listen :)
berbahagia13's avatar
wonderful...espacially the water is so fine...
gundreamalita's avatar
Your skills are a gift of the god of painting! :fish:
KKBatoretto's avatar
Hahaha! I have this album on my iPod! I've always loved the cover design so much!
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Very nice, the design is gorgeous, it is very interesting, the use of reds, metal and skin, along with her face are just gorgeous. Well done, keep up the good work Mario.
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I love BSC, epsilon is a great album :)
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