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Hi, how are things with you?
I wanted to show you my newly created Patreon page ->…
These days I'm going to send it around the web!
It would be great if you would like to support me on my page, to help me growing as an artist, increasing my personal works besides the others.
I like the idea that you only pay $1+ when I paint something, so no monthly pledges or similar.

Thank you so much, and I wish you the best!

#patreoncampaign #artist #digitalpainting 
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From today on Redbubble :)


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<span class="">Hello guys!</span>
<span class="">Now u can also find me on CGHub<span class="">, come and</span> have a look if you like </span>Meow :3

->Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue <-

And not to forget: Bullet; Blue MyFacebookSketchlingPageWoourecrazyBullet; Blue  and Bullet; BlueMyTumblreclasticPageohyeahBullet; Blue

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Hello guys :batman:
Do not forget to come to visit me here:…  and for new sketches and other news!

Okkei, hello to all my dear friends and various unknowns , I need to earn some money quickly so I want to warn you that for a few months there will be a special offer: I will be available to work on new and detailed illustrations on request, such as:…  , at the incredibly low price of only 320 + 60 for the rights of sale (for those who want it), for each.
The illustrations will be of 72 dpi for the web, or 300 dpi for printing, depending on the request.

So hurry up!
In tribute, there will be free hugs.

From today are available on Society6 some cases for laptop and iphone, with my illustrations, for a very low price! It's always cool to have Daenerys on your smart phone!Do not believe? :P ->…

Do not forget to bomb my pages! (In a positive sense):
| On facebook! |
| On tumblr! |
| On Society6! |
Aehm, yes..

Well for the most really curious, here is a my quick interview, heck, some of the answers are really... how to say? Peculiar?_'

See u soon! ^__^  (In a figurative sense for many of u! .')

Oh right, the link, here it is:…