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Fairly OddParents Controversy Meme



A controversy meme created by me.

This is related to The Fairly OddParents.

Feel free of use it.

Coming soon, I'll give you an example of how to use it XD.

The Fairly OddParents! © Nickelodeon, Frederator Studios Inc., Butch Hartman
Fairly OddParents Controversy Meme © :iconmariostrikermurphy:
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My Fairly OddParents Controversy Meme:

Favorite Character: Timmy Turner

Honorable mentions: Cosmo, Wanda, Mr. Denzel Crocker

Despised Character: Chloe Carmichael

Dishonorable mentions: Poof, Sparky, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Vicky, B.R.A.T.

Favorite Season: 1 to 5

Despised Season: 6 to 10

Underrated Character: Tootie

Honorable mentions: Chester, AJ, Trixie Tang, Veronica, Mark, Mandie, Chip Skylark

Overrated Character: Jorgen Von Strangle

Favorite Episode: The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Trilogy

Honorable mentions: Channel Chasers, Shiny Teeth, Timmy the Barbarian

Despised Episode: The Big Fairy Share Scare

Dishonorable mentions: Fairly OddBaby, Fairly OddPet, It’s A Wishful Life, Crocker Shocker, Lights Out, Anti-Poof